Montag, 28. Februar 2011

on the streets of fashionweeks

I'm about to catch my flight to London, so I'm in a little hurry and not able to release any longer comment than this. I've been searching for some inspiration and this time it wasn't tumblr but my old, beloved with "our man on the streets" helping me to get these amazing pictures. I've seen some of them in other blogs already, but why not posting my personal selection!? :)
If I have the time, I'll update the blog with some photos from whatever I'm doing in London.
Have a nice Monday! :)

Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Ne regrettez vous rien, Monsieur Galliano?

I think that Kate Moss isn't the only one when she once said that it was love at first sight while talking about John Galliano. Well, this was some time ago and what is occuring out of the crush many of us may have had on the Jack Sparrow of the fashionworld? Not much I guess. At least when I talk about that issue personally. As all of us may have read the past two days, he got suspended from Dior because of a serious accusation against the fashion-tsar and I can't tell what to believe (because it's always a perfect meal for hungry boulevard-journalists to put that rumour-steak into the gossip-pan). However, it must have been not the only reason for Dior to kick out Galliano. I really don't think that they would suspend one of the best designers of our time because of meanwhile still unexplained incidents ( okay I might not be a lawyer but he's considered to be innocent until the opposite is proven). There must have been some other issues concerning Galliano in relation to his work for Dior. However, I think it will be hard to recover from that kick-out and then there is this question in my head asking "is that probably the end of one of the most bizarre figures we still have?". If he's proven guilty, he really deserves the work-ban and shouldn't be longer considered as an importance to the fashion-world. When Coca-Kate had to deal with her accusations (which were already proven from the moment the pictures were released to the rest of the world), half of the fashion-world stood behind her. It was a kind of cult to tell that you still love Kate like McQueen did. But is this world with all its bizarre, crazy, sad, amazing people ready for some racist statements? And should one make a difference between the private Galliano and the show-figure with all the wonderful, outstanding collections? Without doubt, he is a brilliant head. A master in his work. He deserves the crown for all of his brilliance in craziness and the facade he's presenting as a person. But is he still the same when ignoring the possibility of some accusation to be true? The solidarity towards the result of his talent (his collections, his shows, his whole appearance) remains but as long as this incident is not clarified, it will be hard to decide whom to believe.

Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

It's been a while...

... since these pictures were taken. To be exact they are about three years old and were shot during my time in London. I still love the old blue coloured jeans and especially because it seems as if I could use them for some colourblocking-experiences this summer. The whole colourblocking-issue accompanies me for a while (let's say since I saw Jil Sander's release for S/S 11) and when I had a look at "old" pictures of mine, I immediately got reminded of the fun I had with combining my three only coloured trousers. Red, blue and yellow were the signs of 2008's summer and it seems as if they will get me through some real colourblocking-try-on-phases this year. I think I wanted to keep it classy with such trousers since I already consider them to be "exciting" enough when you want to integrate them in the every-day-life but when I look at them now I think I've done enough "un-classy"-combinations. ;)
Have a nice Saturday! 
(This outfit above was created for the European Championship in 2008 and NOT for any fashionable thoughts) 
Blue Trousers: Mango
Black Top: Zara
Velvet Jacket: Vintage by Trixie Schober 

Yellow Trousers: E.D.
Green Polo: Ralph Lauren
Brown Ballerinas: Prego
Belt: Ralph Lauren
Blazer: Zara 
Bag: Ralph Lauren

Red Trousers: Bang Reg
Pullover: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Ralph Lauren

Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Burberry Prorsum FW11

It seems as if this year's fall is going to be more colour-and furful than it ever was before. Christopher Bailey has done great work once again and is additionally amending a lot of details, which we also recognized for this spring summer. What I exactly mean with this is immediately showing itself in the colourblocking part as well as the (okay more timeless) black and white combinations. I'm not convinced by the black and white coloured fur jacket and coat since it reminds me of wearing a very fluffly cow or being Cruella De Vil but when I continued clicking myself through Bailey's winterwonderland 11/12, I started loving each piece more and more. 
He perfectly picked up the pre-fall details like the fury sleeves on knitwear and his absolutely breathtaking coats, which give the outfit its classiness and meanwhile set a statement. Moreover, the MUCH beloved, classic dufflecoat is celebrating its revival in all imaginable forms. From midi-coats in duffle-design to duffle-closures - nothing is to be left out when it comes to this classy coat and its statement details.
Another recognizable detail are the XXLarge sleeves seen on various coats and the short cut cape-jacket (sorry I don't find any other description for this amazing mixture of cape and jacket in red). 
The show, which took place at Kensington gardens was opened and ended by Jourdan Dunn, which I immediately recognized. She seems to be the signature of Bailey's show and stands for difference, pure beauty and recognition value. I'm simply amazed by her! Another great feature of this show are definitely the featuring music and my absolute favourite is Someone Like You by Adele. I didn't like her at first but I fell in love with that song not later than the model walked down the runway. 
My personal likes are definitely the dark blue double-row coat with its fury collar and the details on the sleeves (worn by Caroline Brasch Nielsen), the brown fur coat combined to the redwine-coloured skinny trousers (worn by Linnea Regnander) and obviously the duffle-jacket in armygreen Cara Delevingne is wearing. 

Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Los Angeles & Baja California 2006

Venice Beach
Mondrian Hotel, L.A.
Getty Museum, L.A.
When I was recently thinking about my rare trips to the U.S., I immediately had to think about my autumn-break vacation in 2006 at the West coast, including some days in L.A., San Diego and some chilled times in Baja California (Mexico) afterwards. Unfortunately, I haven't seen San Francisco yet but why not taking this as a reason to come back?! 
Los Angeles has to be seen at least by everyone who's also been to New York .. and if it's only to see the difference. So fake, so full of A to Z celebrities and AMAZING malls (not to mention the well known rodeo drive, which hasn't changed since Julia Roberts walked her way down in "Pretty Woman"). The only thing, which I should have had left out is the redneck-mekka of Christian Audigier AND the Kodak theatre.. but as a tourist you must have seen all these places to get your own impression of this city. 
Therefore Baja California was the absolute alternative-programme and although I had serious problems with standing this nearly unbearable dry heat (yes I'm just another typical light skinned person), I wish I could be there again. So relaxing. 
And what am I doing instead right now? Sitting here with my laptop and being undecided about the fall collection of Burberry Prorsum. So, I thought about sharing these wonderful pictures instead and meanwhile thinking about what my judgement should be on this collection. 
I hope you can apologize this abscence of any fashionable photos or comments in this post and have a nice evening. 

Above you see Venice beach, the Mondrian (I hope you recognized my love for the Morgans Hotel Group), the Getty Museum and the wonderful sight I had from my room when I was waking up)
Below you see the sight from the car in San Diego, the Betsey Johnson Store in L.A. and the Las Ventanas Hotel, where all the pictures of that amazing areal were taken. 
Sand Diego
Betsey Johnson store, L.A.
Las Ventanas, Baja California

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Come on Barbie, let's go party! ...JEREMY SCOTT FW11

I don't know whether the title is exactly hitting the point I want to make but when I had a look on the latest collection Jeremy Scott just released at New York Fashionweek, my first thought was probably the mixture of "What The Fuck", "Oh My God" and a huge laugh. There is definitely none else who can release such a complete transformation of ones own craziness at a fashionweek and still gets the fashionworld's full attention (including my little head which hopefully counts to this world someday ;)).
No doubt about the fact that the whole collection reminds of a super-hyper-overdosis of a bad-taste party, but still it caught me with its complete tastelessness and made me come to the conclusion that such crazy shows are needed between all the seriousness of other brilliant heads.
The "Enjoy God"-shirts and dresses, which are the obvious mock of the coke-branding (or probably Scott loves coke so much that he needed to include that!?), the superman-like dress and the flashes tearing the dresses with transparency apart all have their own, crazy character. It's the get together of different branding-mocks, the orange cookiemonster, candies and absolute contradictory combinations, which probably most of us would not consider as being a serious part of the latest purchases in the closet.
The hair-do of the female models reminds me of my absolute favourite series when I was a little girl: Pippi Longstocking. I guess this reinforces the girlyness and with the different dyes he meanwhile sets a contrast to that image. 
With prints like "milk kills" he additionally provokes the well-known campaigns of drinking milk in collaboration with various celebrities. 
Giving the male-parts of this collection also a little try, there might be the expression of Scott's dream-job as a child: Astronaut. Or at least something between an astronaut and Hulk. 
Looking over this whole collection I think of my room when I was a little girl... a lot of glitter, fluffy somethings, a pot of craziness, pink and other shrill colours. A great collection, which is as rich in contrasts as it should exist among all the more serious collections.
(And no I personally would never go out with some black dress and pink, fluffy details at its end or something else from that collection beside the flash-dresses...)
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