Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Burberry Prorsum FW11

It seems as if this year's fall is going to be more colour-and furful than it ever was before. Christopher Bailey has done great work once again and is additionally amending a lot of details, which we also recognized for this spring summer. What I exactly mean with this is immediately showing itself in the colourblocking part as well as the (okay more timeless) black and white combinations. I'm not convinced by the black and white coloured fur jacket and coat since it reminds me of wearing a very fluffly cow or being Cruella De Vil but when I continued clicking myself through Bailey's winterwonderland 11/12, I started loving each piece more and more. 
He perfectly picked up the pre-fall details like the fury sleeves on knitwear and his absolutely breathtaking coats, which give the outfit its classiness and meanwhile set a statement. Moreover, the MUCH beloved, classic dufflecoat is celebrating its revival in all imaginable forms. From midi-coats in duffle-design to duffle-closures - nothing is to be left out when it comes to this classy coat and its statement details.
Another recognizable detail are the XXLarge sleeves seen on various coats and the short cut cape-jacket (sorry I don't find any other description for this amazing mixture of cape and jacket in red). 
The show, which took place at Kensington gardens was opened and ended by Jourdan Dunn, which I immediately recognized. She seems to be the signature of Bailey's show and stands for difference, pure beauty and recognition value. I'm simply amazed by her! Another great feature of this show are definitely the featuring music and my absolute favourite is Someone Like You by Adele. I didn't like her at first but I fell in love with that song not later than the model walked down the runway. 
My personal likes are definitely the dark blue double-row coat with its fury collar and the details on the sleeves (worn by Caroline Brasch Nielsen), the brown fur coat combined to the redwine-coloured skinny trousers (worn by Linnea Regnander) and obviously the duffle-jacket in armygreen Cara Delevingne is wearing. 


  1. nice photos selection, i really love the first jacket....

  2. I want the outfit of the first pic!!! Love the song!!! It's so ispirational!

    jos xx

  3. Perfect collection! What a beautiful outfits!

  4. Just another (bored?!) blogger who posts about outfits from fashion week that are not daily to wear as around 98 % of your visitors didn`t have the money (including me and I think you,too) to buy and wear clothes like this.
    It is a little but redicoulous to post or to comment about stuff that probably you are not dealing with. I don`t know why so many "fashionistas" do this. They don`t have an education in fashion or even a "must have" from the collection.
    I think it is nessessary to create an own opinion about what is going on but to tell his opinion about a fashion show to the internet and to hope to earn comments or maybe (the highlight) an new follower is strict thinking-like-a-little-girl
    At least I think that this persons need a specific attitude to comment about this stuff and this attitude the most of us bloggers didn`t have and never will be.
    I would never go among the bloggers because I didn`t see a reason to post about fashion shows or my new city-shopping stuff or to post my nails just of the fact that i am using a chanel nailpolish,.....all in all : why u create a "no-name" blog and share this collection to us as many others would see in the online sections at vogue or (?)

    Cathrine Dall

  5. WOW i love the collection :) Such nice outfits, wish i could a have them !
    Lovely blog.

  6. i love so much burberry...


  7. nice work ATW ;)
    i realy enjoy reading your posts and comments, they are so sophisticated, mature, refined and reflect a strong, over years gained, own opinion.
    in my opinion everyone, whether interested in fashion or not, should appreciate your effort.
    keep it up beautiful :)


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