Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Rachel Zoe's F/W 11

There's nothing new about the fact that Rachel Zoe is one of the best star stylists of our time, so it was even less surprising to me that she now releases her first collection at New York Fashionweek. 
The only thing that probably makes a difference is the fact that Zoe actually appears to know what she was doing while many of her style-charges (think about someone like Nicole Richie) failed in the designer-category. Nothing against Richie but isn't it somehow ridiculous how everybody who's daughter of someone or who has ever played in some reality-show (Heidi-faked-everything-Montag) is able to bring out an own collection!? Well, I don't want to get into that discussion and therefore I should move on by commenting Zoe's release. And my first impression? On the one hand as cool as expected and on the other hand surprisingly rich in facets. So girly-like, sweet, and ready to go out and party the newest club somewhere in L.A. . And then this image is broken by cool, casual outfits defining themselves through jeans combined with a clean, white blouse and a lovely fur-vest. Here, the bootcut shows itself again after being banned for a long time and substituted by the all beloved skinny jeans. 
Moving on, some other lovely eyecatcher would be the camel-coloured cape combined to black booties or alternatively the absolutely cute quillings-skirt with the double-row jacket. Love them! 
The coat with the faux-fur hoodie and the end, the same faux-fur, reminds me of Burberry Prorsum's pre-fall but doesn't get my full attention. Faux fur is okay... as long as it at least looks like real fur. But somehow Zoe's version looks really cheap and definitely everything but not ready for one of the pieces released at New York Fashionweek. However, the black, slim-fitted coat excuses the faux-fur-fiasco and is my personal, absolute highlight of this collection.


  1. Danke, ich verfolge dich auch:)


  2. All of these shoes are fabulous.

  3. her collection is amazing. How I love it ? The sequined dress is to die for!!! <3

  4. This trench coat/dress is so badass. I love the material. Not too sure about the shoes on this collection but I like the shapes and colors used..

    Castle Fashion

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  6. I don't know waht to say, i like the pices but they are not one of a kind, I could expect more from Zoe! Sorry!

  7. Like this collection! Fantastic! Follow you) Follow me?

  8. Wirklich schöne Kollektion, auch wenn ich noch Grandioseres erwartet hätte . Das Cape mag ich am meisten, toller Schnitt :)

  9. thank you so much for you great comment dear :)
    I like U

  10. i really like how clean and polished these outfits look :)


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