Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Giambattista Valli FW11 .. the collection that made me falling in love!

photocredit: style.com
I couldn't choose any other title although I doubt that it is catchy enough for many readers to actually read through these lines. But to put the brilliance of Valli in one headline is not yet formed and thus I 
rather thought about bringing out my love in more words than just some catchers.
Where to begin when talking about Valli's FW for 2011? It's hard to choose a favourite piece, it's hard to express what exactly caught me beside the fact that I found it finally interesting to wear goat fur(-like) details on coats, dresses and jackets. (ergh, I should have taken one of these fake goat-fur jackets Zara sold last winter but it always reminded me of some killed Yeti or cookiemonster being transformed into something wearable).
Statement necklines on simple cut dresses and tops bring out themselves more than ever and heavy shoulderpads lying on flower prints underline the game between simplicity and excitement.
Furthermore, I guess this time it's all about sumptuous and volume when we talk about outstanding cuts and silhouettes while Valli additionally sets contrasts with putting in some simple, very clean chic-like pantsuits (again the symbiosis of simplicity in form of a clean chic and speciality was brought to a collection).
The wonderful colourblocking-issue (yes, I can't hear myself any longer as well) was repeated and transformed into more winter-terms as it implies the shiny gold of the silky skirt and red, black as well as different shades of grey play major roles for the whole collection.

Montag, 28. März 2011

Outfit at Tefaf 2011

This weekend I visited Tefaf, the world's leading art and antique's fair in Maastricht, which was really interesting. Although I'm not a big antique-fan (I rather go for modern, puristic stuff), I was simply impressed of how this whole fair was built up. Normally, I know these halls for being used as examhalls by my University but this was simply impressive. Real flowers wherever you look as well as pictures, sculptures and furniture brought the whole event to a fine atmosphere. 
Since it was really sunny, I couldn't resist taking out my poncho once again and put on my half-leather trousers from Ted Baker. I got a little inspired by Burberry Prorsum's S/S 2011 and F/W 2011 collections, so I thought about putting my trousers (like s/s) together with the poncho (a little like f/w) and obviously the all-known, sterotype-scarf everyone possesses. I wasn't in the mood to throw on some flats, so I went for my Guess heels, which will be put into my closet very soon (they appeared to be really warm together with the rest of the outfit). I realised how much I use my Teddington by Chloe but it's just one of my current favourites!! 
Hope you had a nice weekend & please if there are still some New York-lovers/knowers who want to share any non-touristic but worth to see - tipps with me, I would be more than happy.
Thanks already to those who answered me! I appreciate every comment:) 

Shoes: Guess
Trousers: Ted Baker
Poncho: Esprit
Scarf: Burberry
Shades: Ray Ban
Bag: Chloe

Samstag, 26. März 2011

New York City the upcoming weekend!

It has been way too long that I have visited one of the most amazing and pulsating cities in the entire world - New York. 
First and last time I got the chance to fly over was when I was twelve, so no wonder I barely can wait for Friday to come! 
If some of my beloved NYC-living/loving/knowing readers read that post I would be more than happy if you could tell me any cool, non-touristic places to go. No matter what it has to do with (and of course I'd be glad if there would be some fashion-tips to go;)), I welcome every insider-knowledge you would share. 
I will live at the Mondrian (did I already mention how much I love the Morgans Hotel Group?!) in Soho, which I guess is perfectly situated and has just opened in February.

Have a nice weekend & thanks for all the private mails I receive. I'm just about to answer each one of them personally! :) 

Freitag, 25. März 2011

OH MY GOSH what a great Galosh!

...was my first thought when I stumbled over this fantastic invention by Johan R., founder of SWIMS galoshes.
I can't tell how many times I cursed the weather for not being able to wear my fantastic heels but these times are finally over!!
I thank god because HELLO it is a man who finally transformed the women's right to wear our heels whenever WE want to and not whenever weather conditions allow us to. It is nearly a little miracle to me and I guess everything is said with Johan R.'s own words: "A stylish solution, embodying the essence of practicality: Wear your favorite shoes, slip on SWIMS when the weather is rough, slip’em off when you arrive at your destination. Enhanced comfort is assured and your shoes are guaranteed to stay shiny."
SWIMS' Onlinestore on: http://www.swimsstore.com/
SWIMS' Official Page on: http://www.swims.com/#/home

Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Labelwatch: Delikate Rayne

picturecredit: http://delikaterayne.com/ 
First thing to start off this wonderful Thursday: The presentation of an absolute cool newcomer-label I just recently came across. Delikate Rayne. 
At first I was wondering where this name was coming from but then the intention of its creators was obviously revealed when I clicked on their online page and the explanation above showed up as an intro. 
The two sisters Komie and Meg describe themselves of being hungry of something different. Something, which stays to their East Indian roots (the name of the brand is the fusion of their respect for their country and their Hindi names)  and something, which connects illusion, power, beauty, fantasy and sisterhood. It is clear that they appear to be different from other newcomer labels. Their intention does not rely on any commercial, shallow aim. It is the passion to create something for us girls who care about style and future and never stand still. I personally love the description of the brand's bio, when it says The brand is spun in the spirit of captivating wildcat temptress; the mold-breaking, unapologetic femininity of that girl you think you know, but really don't.  That clearly shows how contradictory one can be but still care about how one dresses and changes over time (and meanwhile stay sexy but not cheap). 
Focusing more about their fashion, I can just tell how much I fell in love with several pieces. Although I'm not a fan of asymmetric cuts, there appears this grey pullover. At first sight so simply designed but then you look at it more precisely and what do you see at the back? A black triangle made of lace. Could it be more contradictory? The material, the cuts, the symbols - everything seems to be in a symbiosis and this underlines the personality Komie and Meg bring into their label. 
Another remarkable piece would be the multifunctional top/dress. How cool is that?!
And then we have the black longsleeved top, that comes in a length of a sexy dress and on the other side appears like a very short top. Perfect to combine to a tanktop in summer or a normal, colorful longsleeve in winter. 
Check out Delikate Rayne's lookbook, collection, brand bio and blog on: http://delikaterayne.com/. 
I'm simply impressed by so much talent and I love their way to present themselves and their collection. You girls rock! Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of the world.
Delikate Rayne 
West Coast Sales: Secret Service Showroom
824 S. Los Angeles St. Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

V Magazine Issue 70 - Bitches meet Brilliance

photocredit: http://www.vmagazine.com/
The latest release of V Magazine was more than confusing for me to decide whether I once again like it or not.
This time uninteresting people like Britney Spears (could we please "hold it against" her and leave her with the image of a children-star gone mad and dead!?) made it on the cover, which completely irritated my love to that amazing magazine. Another complete shock was the launch of the story about Franck Ribéry's some-time-whore (there is no other word I could describe this disgusting something) Zahia Dehar. Who cares about some bitch who pleased some ugly soccer-player to finance her latest beauty surgery? Why is there such an importance to mention this person again? Maybe it's the fact that it did not even bother me when this affair went into public but dearest V Magazine, if you already put pro hoes into your magazine, why not taking Ruby Rubacuori instead of this blonde hump-monster? At least Ruby is a little more famous of what she's done to Mr. Berlusconi and additionally you would help her with financing an education (in school). Launch of the story could be "Chronicles of Bunga Bunga" instead of "Chronicles of Zahia". What chronicles and who cares in what she puts in her curves? No doubt about the fact that she maybe looks absolutely hot to those of us who are coming from the Mars but then again we have all those magazines where you could put this brat in.... (not naming any of those magazines but I suppose you know yourself which one these could be), so no need for V to fill precious pages with someone like her.
And then we additionally have someone called Angelyne, who launched a personal advertising campaign "that would transform her into a cult heroine, and hollywood urban legend". If you don't know me, than at least rely on the fact that I call myself a celebrity-victim who knows every little shininess on the star-heaven but who the hell is Angelyne? Maybe I don't know her because it is 20 years ago that she was someone (and in fact I was not born at that time). But isn't it more about looking forward instead of looking into the past? If I would buy this issue of V Magazine, then why would I love to read about someone nobody knows? Us young people, we would like to read maybe about icons, that got famous for something, people that probably inspire in any way but no need getting to know some grandma-Zahia, that got famous for posing on a pink Corvette.
Argh... I guess this V Magazine issue could have been also called "The get together of chtonic women" but then on the other hand they sticked to their breathtaking photographies and her ways to present present and future fashiontrends or collections such as the photo-story called "Carolyn Murphy for V70". So that is why I'm posting all these lovely pictures below beside my negative comment on that release. Looking at these pictures over and over again make me probably forgive V Magazine ...!
Photography by Daniele + Iango
Styling by George Cortina 

Montag, 21. März 2011

GDS - International Event for Shoes and Accessories!

LuLu Vibes: 
Rocket Dog:

The international event for shoes and accessories, known as GDS, just took place last week in Düsseldorf and I had the honour to visit this amazing place. Thousands of brands, whether all-known or newcomers, presented the shoetrends for fall/winter 2011.
Trends I mostly spotted are definitely loads and loads of ugg-versions (decorated with lovely swarovski-details (such as the ones by Philipp Plein) and amazing copies of the furheels by Louboutin of last season's fall/winter. Fur-details, no matter if fake or real, will definitely show up as an important detail. But also knitted elements and wedge-heels appear to be decisive for the next fall/winter season, which I personally welcome. I love the way Rocket Dog, who presented their newest designs absolutely great, brought (fake)fur, knit and a robust, thick sole together in one shoe. I don't know exactly why but I love this thick sole although it appears a little clunky at first. But think about the strong, cold winter most of us had (especially us Europeans) and then how much some of us might have thought how absolutely freezing it was wearing some thin shoes. These ones will probably keep you warm and meanwhile look cool .. like a mixture of the  cuff-shoes by Repeat and the original uggs. Love it!
Furthermore, I came across BeLLE, which had breathtaking versions of the original Louboutin-shoe and the studded, leopard-printed flats!!!
And then we have these materials, that we can't ignore any longer: vulcanised rubber, caoutchouc and plastic. Rainboots and sandals as well as ballerinas in plastic (look at those by mel) like the ones from Vivienne Westwood for Melissa are absolutely asked and will establish themselves fully over this year. There are so many ways to wear these kind of shoes in an elegant way no matter if it's summer (perfect reason to buy some shoes of Vivienne Westwood's collaboration with Melissa or the much cheaper alternative by mel!) or if it's winter (for some real gumboots). 
In contrast to all those "outside"-shoes, there is also a label, which really caught me and it's PantoffelDIVA by Jeannette Hamleh. Her lady-slippers are simply amazing and come in so many variances that you just got to love at least one of the pairs. 

But above all, there is one newcomer-brand, which I (obviously) appreciate to see the most: LuLu Vibes by Luisa Lange. Thanks to her talent and know-how she made it to this huge event. Staying faithful to her nature-orientated way to produce her clogs, the stand was decorated with the wooden boxes the clogs come in and a lovely cow-carpet. With a permanent presence during GDS, she certainly attracted not only me and I'm once again impressed by her new collection for this fall/winter. Lined with lambskin and/or decorated with Swarovski-stones - i love it! My favourites are the studded black clogs with beaten gold and the camouflage-decorated ones. I can't decide between the black ones with the huge Swarvoski-stones or those lined with the aforementioned lambskin and the french lily but both of them are definitely additional first-loves-at-first-sight.
A very special thanks goes to her for letting me join this event!! :) :* 

LuLu Vibes  by Luisa Lange 


PantoffelDIVA by Jeannette Hamleh

Rocket Dog                                           
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