Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Jason Wu F/W 11

Sadly, I had to discover that many many many of the F/W collections of this year are more than disappointing in comparison to their pre-fall ones, so it's a personal conflict within myself to write about some designers, when they didn't meet my expectations. I hope that at least some of my favourites (Balmain, McQueen, Hervé Leger) still keep their standards as high as they ever were but right now there is just one designer, that really hit them all so far at New York Fashionweek: Jason Wu.
My love to Wu was triggered just by the latest pre-fall collection and as it was confirmed by his f/w collection, I still have a reason to hope for similar good or even better shows to come.
Not that I wouldn't be more than happy and on cloud 9 having the chance to be at NYFW once in a lifetime, but as I can just pretend to be there by using's pictures and commenting about this or that collection, I take the right to judge with honesty.
So what is Wu's fall/winter about? First of all, I'd this collection defines itself of lace, transparency and other remarkable details. Balloonskirts in silk and some evening dresses heavenly made for goddesses are taking my breath away and it's even reinforced by the fact that Wu stayed classy while experimenting with unusual colours (such as the greeny-mustard or the blasting blue balloonskirts ) and the transparency-look. With this precarious look you often tend to fall in the cheap category if you don't have that certain feeling for it. And how Wu has it just shows itself by all the hot transparent blouses he combines in such a classic way that you may think about Coco herself in such an outfit at her peak in fashion.
My absolute favourite is the (how could it be different) black and white combined outfit (black trousers, white blazer - second row below).
With a pullover like the one in grey and its lace-details, Wu mixes some casualty, which makes it additionally a perfect meeting of different factors in one collection. And this is exactly his talent: The ability to mix various materials and still remaining a symbiosis within this collection. There is no piece, which I personally would consider as unsuitable to all the other little masterpieces of his work.
And finally, as already mentioned, we also have these wonderful dresses perfectly made for the Oscar-night. If I'd be Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock or someone else who's worthy to be invited then I'd so go for one of these dresses. The red one is my favourite.


  1. AMAZING collection !!

  2. GORGEOUS collection!
    the first dress is stunning!
    keep up the great work on your blog :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  3. Oh how I wish to see the show with my own eyes..

  4. GORGEOUS!!! I love these colors and these prints and tissues!!



  5. amazing dress! the red one is incredibly awseome!

  6. Hi darling:)
    Thanks for your comment on our blog:) I sometimes have the feeling ppl don't read what i actuallywrite, but yeah.. that's okay i geuss:) But I love it when e read a comment that actually respond to things i'm saying:)
    SO the sister thatwrote the comment is me, farah, the one in the latest post;)

    To answer on this post: honnestly I din't had any clue who jason Wu was before I read your post:( It's a shame since I REALLY like this collection of him that you're showing! I don't really like the last 4 loks (i'm not a bg fan of 'fluffy') but i adore alle the rest!!
    ALso: I share your love for Hervé Leger!:) He's awesome! The king f the bodycon dresses!


  7. Amazing!!!!

    really cool blog, i love!

    ...would really appreciate if you check out mine and maybe follow back :D

    thanks so much,
    jos xx

  8. Yes yes yes yes yes, BRILLIANT.
    I love love.

  9. the styling was amazing!!!

  10. hi dear, i following u now..
    btw, ur article increase my reference in my fashion writing,,i'm fashion writer of local ladies magazine..maybe next we'll be share more about fashion

    dew (from bali)

  11. these are seriously so beautiful! xx

  12. Wonderful collection!!

    I love the first and the second dresses. I wish I could wear them!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following me back!!!

    Paloma - Très Mode

  13. That first dress really is breathtaking! xx

  14. Hi!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm following back!!

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  15. this red dress is amazing! very cute blog! would you like follow each other?

  16. This man is brilliant. Thanks to miss Obama he is well-known now. I love his designs.

  17. WOW! amazing collection!
    love all the looks.

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