Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Tears Dry On Their Own

She could have had it all. The money, the success, the rehab and a life. But she said no no no. 
Amy Winehouse was one of those talented stars on the horizon of a dead and a nowadays more than fake pop industry. And that's why so many people react completely shocked to those news although her whole lifestyle lead to an expectation that must end in a tragedy. Her voice became her reason for success ... and her doom. I've been writing about suicide (and how I think that such a choice to end ones life that way pretty much sucks) a while ago. Surely, there are so many other more tragic things happening in this world right now.
There are thousand of reasons not to be shocked and sad about someone who chose to die because of all the trouble that life brings with it when you are public person. 
Nevertheless I say that it's human to react towards that Winehouse drama no matter in what way. Somehow everybody thinks that he/she knew that person behind songs like Rehab, You Sent Me Flying and Fuck Me Pumps.
To me, she appeared to be an icon. Probably someone I never want to swap lives with but someone who was gifted with talent. Karl said so, too. So did good old Mick.
She didn't make it through the pressure of her business, she couldn't cope with herself but what she has left is a gift to all of her fans: Her recorded voice telling stories about a life. A life that she didn't want to live any longer.

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011


If I wouldn't know it better I'd say that those pictures were taken somewhere at the Caribbean (ignoring some details like those mountains in the background) but noo too bad all of this happened somewhere in Austria last week. There's not much left to tell. It was a hot day so I decided to put on my body bought at Topshop ages ago & simple, old Abercrombie shorts. 

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

OMG! MGM! Models Gone Mad!

Normally, I don't care about that whole model-issue (who's in, who's out blahblah) except it has something to do with a pure excitement of my aesthetic feeling (e.g. "Asia's Hottest").
Either the moving hallstand is extraordinary,worthy-to-mention beautiful or it isn't. (what a great metaphorical outburst of myself).
However, when it comes to little chill-out minutes in life, you might click through rubrics you normally wouldn't care at all. And so did I. This time, it was that "fresh faces"-rubric of and I just decided to go on and all of a sudden those few pictures hit my eyes and triggered two kinds of excitement. The one letting my "aesthetic feeling"-heartbeat go faster and the one letting my honest feeling of disgust come out.
We were all told once in a while that "beauty lies in the beholder's eye" and I agree to some extent, but let's get real and look at the pictures. Like those of Kelly Mittendorf. Where is the beauty? Where? If someone finds it, please let me know and possibly explain why every at least 1,80 m tall bitch can call herself a professional model (seriously, you tall people heartlessly destroyed my little-girl-dream of becoming a superdupermodel ;)). Not that I'm in a bitchy mood on Mondays but she seriously reminds me of those sphynx cats. The eyes and all. I just feel like eww-ing all the time I go over the pictures. Yeah, maybe that's absolutely immature of me, myself and I but it is what it is. 
And what about Nadiia Shapoval? A liittle biit masculiine iin her face.
Leaving those two aside, I also found some pretty people. Such as Aygul Galimullina (what a last name... :D) and Ilva Hetmann. Ilva is German which surprises me since I haven't seen much beauty (coming from my second homecountry) after Toni Garrn Superstar.
Overall I'm asking myself what some agencies are thinking when employing examples like Nadiia or Kelly. Maybe it's THE look. Too good I will never see those faces covering ELLE, VOGUE or anything else. Because let's be honest: A beauty editorial wouldn't be very coaxing...

Nadiia Shapoval

Kelly Mittendorf

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Aston Martin & Colette: Another fashionable car?

Since I've been discovering the fashionability of some car-designers, I was ever since a huge fan of the Fiat 500 in its Gucci edition. Although I've been commenting it positively enough to indicate another car-wish of myself (which is absolutely rare and completely unnecessary thanks to my cute car standing in front of my door), I've been already forgetting the possibiltiy of other designers to bring out a similar car. Thanks to Aston Martin and Colette, that French concept store situated in Paris (we've been all their at least once in a lifetime, haven't we!?), I got attentive for another little luxury car again. 
Admitting some serious investments in researches, the Cygnet model is the smallest of all produced by Aston Martin (and to all the male readers: please forgive if I'm wrong). The limited edition of the collaboration with Colette is exclusively produced 14 times and is especially decorated with blue details, which is the absolute feature of Colette. I would not go for those blue details but I'm sure Colette doesn't care that much about my opinion. Too bad. The radiator grill, the bonnet, the rims and side mirrors  - it's all about electric blue, which I'd normally appreciate but not when it comes to car "accessories". Also that brown leather-equipment, which is dedicated to Colette's mascot Oscar (a brown dog) can't gain any further excitement. 
Also I'm a fan of quilted details but I'm not convinced of the alcantara-sun visors in quilt-optic and those leather pillows in electric blue... . 
However, I wouldn't say no if some insane person would ask me if he or she would buy me that car just for fun and just because it's so much easier to find a parking place in September, when I'm finally moving to London again (please feel the irony). Maybe I'd go for the simple version just calling itself Aston Martin Cygnet. Preferably in black. And without those pillows (I'm a fast driver, what do those pussy pillows have to do with my fast driving lifestyle ?! ;)). 
Dreaming is such a wonderful thing...
My favourite: 

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Patrick Mohr SS2012 (MBFWB) - "I WANT MOHR"

Quite strangely Patrick Mohr started his fashionshow on Thursday as the last designer of the day. With a monotone music always repeating the slogan "I want more" that Mohr changed to "I want Mohr", male as well as female models were literally sneaking down the runway. Strong statement-eyebrows and undone-styled hair were just two of the many interesting details Mohr added to his straight collection. Although asymmetry was mostly ruling the cuts of his pieces, everything seemed pretty much futuristic with a feature of layered chill-out looks and a well kept straightforwardness. Bizarre "shoe"-wear in form of latex like socks were adding an unexpected twist. So no wonder nearly half of the tent seemed to get excited as the last model walked down in something that looked like a heel but rather reminded me personally of the remnants of some sheet metal like stuff. It must have been a lovely joke for him but I'd rather keep it a little more realistic and leave this as the simple part of a designer's "creativity" (whatsoever).
I personally would not like to "have Mohr" (more) of those pieces but oh well .. I think that's how Berlin would like to see every Blogger attending the fashionweek. Mainly not dressing up but coming undone and totally, alternatively underdressed.
Go to hell with this attitude and have a nice Wednesday.

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Rubik Rocks!

"Fall's high-glam, stage-ready looks define statement-dressing" ("Transformer", V Magazine, #72)
Although Anja Rubik is definitely not one of my favourite models, V Magazine caught me (again) with one of their editorials of their 72th issue, the Transformation Issue.
"Transformer" by Hedi Slimane is mostly defined by a glamorous rock chic atmosphere that still keeps some authentic attitude (while other editorials with a similar theme often fail when trying to transform the message), which made me falling in love. I'm craving for some more leather pieces and combining them to my fur jackets - in my head it's autumn/winter again and with all of those looks one can just barely wait them to begin. Inspired by Louis Vuitton, Balmain and Gucci, Anja looks absolutely sexy and Giambattista Valli's coat finally kills it all.
Glamour meets grunge and the whole editorial feels just so right to my current mood. Love it.

"Furs, Fringe and leather say it louder than ever"
...and I totally agree.

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Mongrels in Common SS2012 (MBFWB)

While I disappeared for the past two days somewhere between work, feeling sick, attending a prom back home and flying over to Berlin again it's been all a little stressful with updating my blog. Nevertheless, I finally found the time to go over all of those loads of pictures and this made me re-think about all of my impressions. Especially, when it comes to the label Mongrels in Common, which I never heard outside of Germany. It was an honour to attend the show, no question about that, but how does this collection differ from the one I saw before? I know that there's just a very fine line between gaining my interest and getting me bored but all of this asymmetric cuts and jade-green and tangerine make me rather feel a breeze of repetition than letting me see what spring/summer should be about in Christine Pluess and Livia Ximénez-Carillo's version.
The only thing, which seems timeless yet so lovely, is that simple bun all the models were having as a clean hair-do.
Some other pictures of that day are additionally included in this post.
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