Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Valentine's Day... was that needed?

Well, this question is exactly popping up my mind since I was thirteen .. or since I had my first, teenage-dreamy love and expected that my first boyfriend should definitely come over with a huge bunch of red roses and a blasting confession of how much he loves me and that I just can be the only one and how cute and perfect I am, etc. etc. etc. etc. . To summarize it: I expected everything, which would have been completely corny just to push the huge ego in that little girl I was (still am!? haha).
Luckily I can tell, that I lost that expectation of corniness when I got a bit older (at least I hope so and YES it took a little while to lose that) and therefore I can finally write about what many of us think. Or at least I can write about the attitude some of my beloved 800 whatsoever, all real-life facebookfriends (no, please don't take it serious) write since last night until now: The necessity of Valentine's day. 
Or exactly the opposite. And I can say that I definitely count myself to the second case when I read all these statuses. "Spreading luuurve to y'all", "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY"and the best of all are those who actually combine their wishes with hearts and all that stuff a girl normally uses to reinforce the cuteness or loveliness or whatever the intention would be (yes, I use such icons myself and yes, this is a typical girlything... or it's a private thing between a couple but never ever would my boyfriend do that in his status when the day is called Valentine's Day!). 
Why do we need that day? For what reason? To demonstrate our love to each other? If that is the answer, then I really missed something. I don't want to say that my relationships were always perfect but if you are in a relationship, don't you expect that it should be always as wonderful/lovely/nice/absolutely amazing as it would (or shall I say should?!) be just on one day? If my boyfriend wants to demonstrate me his love, he just does it. It would be depressing to know this would "only" be perfectly "right" on one day. And an overdose of exaggerated love is always a bad sign. At least in my personal point of view. Maybe you readers don't agree but it's just not real and it doesn't feel authentic when a man comes over with a box of chocolate-pralines and roses and tell you how much he loves you just because we've learned to pay attention to such a day since we can think of liking/loving someone else. Of course I'm more than happy when I receive such little presents as a sign of my boyfriend's love but getting them on a day where even the last bitch on earth may get something from her latest f*buddy just because everyone is forced to do so seems just really pretentious and unnecessary. Moreover I think that showing love to someone is not about material means. 
I'm a girl and of course I love being with my boy but it's just that I'm not into the FULL romantic-stuff. I like the fact of having found someone who you can be with without stressing yourself and who you can trust and I like being who I am without pretending anything while this someone sits next to/in front of/wherever to me. But I don't need the whole programme if this is just a pretending Valentine's Day movie playing for ONE day without any deeper thought than the force that comes with it.

And if you don't agree, please don't think that it was my intention to insult anybody here. I especially don't want to do so when it comes to my much loved followers or daily visitors who maybe like this day. I would even appreciate it if you would leave a comment by saying why you like this day so much. It would be interesting to read and maybe I could think about other reasons in order to tolerate that hype a little more. It's really just that I don't get it and that I personally don't need such a day where expectations are already set to some corny standard just because "everyone" has it. 

Having said this, I hope you have a nice Monday. Especially the single-ladies & men out there should definitely stop going crazy because everyone seems to have such a lovely day today.. think about that it's over tomorrow and then everything is back to normal and we all can live the real-life again with all its stressful, lovely, crazy, surprising moments (with or without a relationship).


  1. so cute what you just posted :)
    i really love your blog..really amazing
    i am following you now


  2. happy valentines :D

  3. :))) Happy V day!!!

  4. ach. das war jetzt aber ein sehr sehr süßes kommentar.. - ja, ich komme aus Österreich :) - du in dem fall auch?
    schön, mal österreichische blogger ausfindig zu machen... - sind ja ziemlich rar.. (und auch die qualität lässt manchmal zu wünschen übrig, nicht? aber manchmal eben doch nicht und dann ist man ziemlich überrascht - kurz gesagt: ich follow dir auch :)

  5. Hey! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!


  6. ありがとう! ATW
    Thank you for your follow.

  7. honnestly..14 fabruari is just another regular day! i agree with you! it's bigtime overrated and ppl should stop 'spreading the love' on valentines day cuz this day doesn't even have a meaning:)
    you have a great blog by the way! just ran into it:)
    that said, I really like your posts because you're really stylish so i like reading your blog:)
    I'm gonna follow you!
    hope you visit me back and ,if you like, become a follower!


    have a fabulous day!

  8. Well written and oh so real. I think people put to many expectations on their partners and then they get upset when their partner disappoints them. Why do people need to receive a box of chocolates to feel loved. Isn't that person being with them enough. I love your honesty.


  9. Hi!!! I have just found your blog and I love it!! You have a new follower!!

    Paloma - Très Mode


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