Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Moschino Cheap & Chic SS11

I'm SO sick of this weather and I can't keep up with the attitude "ok while it's snowing and cold and everything but nice outside, I'll post about pre-fall". After trying this for two days, I give up! I have to post something, which makes me dream of the upcoming summer again and which is colorful and nice to look at. So what about Moschino Cheap & Chic? It's the perfect eyecatcher these days to get my mood and way to dress up and meanwhile avoids me from becoming an emo with suicide-thoughts. A palette of colours were scattered over the beautiful collection by Rosella Jardini and although I always consider myself being not the colorful-dressing type of person, I really would like to have some pieces of this collection. By keeping the cuts and combinations simple, Moschino maintained its class and meanwhile added some freshness with color combinations like black and yellow (very strong), pure pink and gold/turquoise or lovely prints. I can't think of anything more summerish than corals or lemons on ones dresses/shorts/blouses/whatever and although I'd never thought about wearing such prints, they seem really tempting for the upcoming season.
My absolute favourite is the black and white combination in form of plaided shorts and a white jacket with buttons that couldn't be more coltish and maidenly but still classy. Another  piece, which landed on the like-list is definitely the lemon-printed dress.
I hope that I'm soon able to transform all the inspiration I got from that collection into an outfit without freezing or getting a cold.
Have a nice Friday! :) 


  1. your blog is really fun and interesting! the collection is so wonderful... all the beautiful!

    xxx from paris

  2. Thank you, it's a really interesting overview u did.

    I'm in love with this collection, bright colours, funny structures, yaaaaay

    My fav is the one with yellow skirt and black'n'white blouse!


  3. Thanks for reminding me of this lovely and fun collection!! xx

  4. so cool! Moschino always create something fresh and unique! fantastic post!! Love the pink dress!!


  5. Love the shoes on every picture! the necklaces are superbe, and the clothes make me wanna go on a holiday! xoxo Sarah

  6. this collection is amazing! I love the colors!

  7. love it ! the collection really makes me smile lol! xx

  8. I love your blog! Really inspiring! :)


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