Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Labelwatch: LuLu Vibes by Luisa Lange

Today, I decided to write about something, which can be put into two categories: The Fashion-part of my blog and the personal part of my life: My very long and good friend Luisa Lange, Lulu, and her  label Lulu Vibes. 
Starting off with her first collection (purely consisting of Clogs), Luisa establishes her label more and more and tries to make a difference from other newcomers, which we all seem to have enough of (just to remember my German readers of the meanwhile existing designer-searching show by Philipp Plein). I often get the impression of a shallow interest in designing clothes by young designers rather than a strong willingness to establish oneself into the fashionworld. However, Luisa seeks to make a statement with her collection and in general with her newcomer-label. She lives her passion and maybe this is exactly the point that makes herself and Lulu Vibes different from others. Not to mention, that designing Clogs already seems to be unusual to many of us, Luisa's shoes stand for authenticity, individuality and a classic- as well as natural-kept way to represent one's style. Going into more detail about the natural feature of Luisa's clogs, it's worthy to mention that the sole is made of alder in Sweden and components like cowfur in all variations (Zebra-styled, e.g.), feathers and semi-precious stones all conduce as catchy details for each of her different models. 
Leaving the shoe as it appears into our eyes aside, I consider it also important to share my personal imagination of her thought behind the design of such shoes. It appears to be the modernisation of a traditional but old shoe, which has lost all its intention to wear it beside some traditional celebration somewhere in the Netherlands. Luisa's personal interpretation of this shoe reflects itself in provocative and striking details and as a result, the clog was given a new, fresh and for the present attractive image. It should give young women an exclusive and provocative accent and therefore shadows the old image of the original clog. 
I was just given the chance to combine LuLu Clogs to several outfits and I'm surprised about the easiness to include them into the everyday-life! I've taken several shots from different outfits and I will upload each outfit to another model of Luisa's clogs the upcoming days. I hope you like them and I wish you a nice rest of this week!

For further details and in case you got any questions or interest, please visit Luisa's homepage and ONLINE-SHOP:
picture two to five are taken from:


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment:)

    I absolutely love your blog:)


  2. thanks for the birthday wishes!! the second last picture actually had no editing on it whatsoever?? HAHA. are you sure you're talking about that one?

    F. ( x

  3. These clogs are so cute and unique!! Such interesting detail! I especially like the black and white striped ones!


  4. that's incredible! Ö

  5. ah! Das Model ist ja die Katharina! :)


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