Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

It's been a while...

... since these pictures were taken. To be exact they are about three years old and were shot during my time in London. I still love the old blue coloured jeans and especially because it seems as if I could use them for some colourblocking-experiences this summer. The whole colourblocking-issue accompanies me for a while (let's say since I saw Jil Sander's release for S/S 11) and when I had a look at "old" pictures of mine, I immediately got reminded of the fun I had with combining my three only coloured trousers. Red, blue and yellow were the signs of 2008's summer and it seems as if they will get me through some real colourblocking-try-on-phases this year. I think I wanted to keep it classy with such trousers since I already consider them to be "exciting" enough when you want to integrate them in the every-day-life but when I look at them now I think I've done enough "un-classy"-combinations. ;)
Have a nice Saturday! 
(This outfit above was created for the European Championship in 2008 and NOT for any fashionable thoughts) 
Blue Trousers: Mango
Black Top: Zara
Velvet Jacket: Vintage by Trixie Schober 

Yellow Trousers: E.D.
Green Polo: Ralph Lauren
Brown Ballerinas: Prego
Belt: Ralph Lauren
Blazer: Zara 
Bag: Ralph Lauren

Red Trousers: Bang Reg
Pullover: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Ralph Lauren


  1. wow! your blog is amzing! :)
    you have a great style! love it!
    i am now following!



  2. I love color-blocking
    and I love your blog!!
    I will follow...xD

  3. wou, schöne auswahl fürs color blocking. gefällt mir sehr gut! ( :

  4. Looove these photos!! Especially the last two!! You're stunning!!

    have a lovely weekend,
    jos xx

  5. Love the pics (not unclassy at all *lol*) & the whole color-blocking-thing :-)

  6. hi thanks so much for visiting me :) i love your style.. you do color blocking very well! i especially love your red pants they look fantastic on you!

    i'm following you now.. would love for you to follow me too!

  7. I want to invite you to check out my fashion blog, if you like.

    With love, Samm

  8. love those looks, lovely colors! xoxo Sarah

  9. danke, sehr lieb von dir! :) die bunten hosen stehen dir wirklich super, ich hab mich noch nicht getraut eine zu kaufen aber vielleicht muss ich es einfach auch mal ausprobieren!

  10. the photo's are great,
    love the colourful pants!
    your blog is nice,

  11. love it ! colorful and gorgeous xxx

  12. Jil Sander's S/S 2011 collections was one of my absolute FAVORITES this year, too! What did you think of Rachel Roy? Here's my fave two looks -

    Your color-blocking is perfection. Zara has super cute, colorful straight-leg pants (and affordable) right now!

    Lovely blog, following you and excited to see your outfits to come!

    xx - Hallie

  13. Rock'n'Roll. Like button^^
    what about following each other?:)

  14. You really look amazing, and the outfits are perfect for Spring11!


  15. Loooving those pants!! What a fun pop of color-- and woah girl, u look crazy gorg chic in that close up-- loves it!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  16. haha typical ralph lauren color play :D

  17. VEry Ralph Lauren look. Almost like off a Ralph Lauren Advert.

    Following you. Do visit me if you have the time.

    Squeeze The Pug

  18. blue trousers and velvet jacket- so gorgeous!

  19. love all your bright colored pants!!! :)

  20. amazing style!!!
    love the colors!


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