Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Los Angeles & Baja California 2006

Venice Beach
Mondrian Hotel, L.A.
Getty Museum, L.A.
When I was recently thinking about my rare trips to the U.S., I immediately had to think about my autumn-break vacation in 2006 at the West coast, including some days in L.A., San Diego and some chilled times in Baja California (Mexico) afterwards. Unfortunately, I haven't seen San Francisco yet but why not taking this as a reason to come back?! 
Los Angeles has to be seen at least by everyone who's also been to New York .. and if it's only to see the difference. So fake, so full of A to Z celebrities and AMAZING malls (not to mention the well known rodeo drive, which hasn't changed since Julia Roberts walked her way down in "Pretty Woman"). The only thing, which I should have had left out is the redneck-mekka of Christian Audigier AND the Kodak theatre.. but as a tourist you must have seen all these places to get your own impression of this city. 
Therefore Baja California was the absolute alternative-programme and although I had serious problems with standing this nearly unbearable dry heat (yes I'm just another typical light skinned person), I wish I could be there again. So relaxing. 
And what am I doing instead right now? Sitting here with my laptop and being undecided about the fall collection of Burberry Prorsum. So, I thought about sharing these wonderful pictures instead and meanwhile thinking about what my judgement should be on this collection. 
I hope you can apologize this abscence of any fashionable photos or comments in this post and have a nice evening. 

Above you see Venice beach, the Mondrian (I hope you recognized my love for the Morgans Hotel Group), the Getty Museum and the wonderful sight I had from my room when I was waking up)
Below you see the sight from the car in San Diego, the Betsey Johnson Store in L.A. and the Las Ventanas Hotel, where all the pictures of that amazing areal were taken. 
Sand Diego
Betsey Johnson store, L.A.
Las Ventanas, Baja California


  1. Summer!!! such gorgeous photos!!1 Summer, beach...
    When you going to travel in U.S.A. again?)

  2. amazing shoots! the first few are my favorite! these make me miss summer sooo much :)


  3. WOW! So Wonderful!
    I would like to go there!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much

  4. Such nice photography! Really like your blog x


  5. wow! great pics! great view! great place! i wanna go there:D

  6. jealous jealous jealous...
    die fotos sehen wie aus einem paradisalbum aus :( ich will auch habennnnn!



  7. omg!! so beautiful!!! i dream to go to LA one day. Your are so lucky x

  8. oh! you got me hyped up for vacation..really want to visit LA some time! :)


  9. richtig tolle bilder :))
    du musst die ferien richtig genossen haben ;)


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