Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

online SHOES


Online-shopping. An "activity", which I tried to avoid for a long time but then fell in the trap some rainy Sunday afternoon when I had nothing else to do than lying in bed with a midi-dramatic hangover. 
Well .. this memorial moment happened about two years (?) ago and from then to now I discovered the convenience of online-shopping beside all its negative sides (including the fact that you easily buy the wrong size and that you can't count shopping as a sportive activity anymore (because let's face it: It's much more exhausting when you have to carry your full bags to the car/home/through the whole shoppingmall/city than clicking on 'buy' and then just WAIT for your lovies to come)).
Anyways. The question whether onlineshopping could ever fully establish itself in the world wide web with success and possibly appears as a substitute of real shopping is already answered with a definite YES. Not that I personally find it much better to go online-shopping but it's a lot easier to get some of these amazing shoes I've found on and than actually flying over to the U.S. or somewhere else. 
Concerning the different online-shops, there are some comments I need to leave:
Nelly has the wonderful "Kayla" model, which Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad also purchased or received (whatever) as open-toe ones (model "Tick" available at but I prefer the closed model by 
Solestruck has a VERY McQueen-like model as you can see, which I personally won't buy but still...worthy to mention here;). Additionally the model by Sam Edelmann (the one with the studded heel) is absolutely amazing and will be bought as soon as they are back in stock! 
I'm not sure about which other models will actually make it into my shoe-closet, but I'm convinced there will be a wise decision soon ;). 
Have a nice Thursday!




  1. lovely shoes:)
    are hard and coarse
    I love them

    xoxo Poison <3

  2. online shopping is really fun. but once i have a bad experience about online shopping. i buy a wrong size of shoes, oh god
    i hope you have a great online shopping, the shoes are great :)

  3. I love it too
    I watched this movie:)
    follow me back:)?

  4. wow! gorgeous shoes!
    I am definitely going to follow you back :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment. You are right, the pimkie shirts are made for not-wearing them ;>

    xo, Lie

  5. MAGNIFICENT shoes. I wish I had them in my shoe collection.


  6. all the Nelly shoes are simply gorgeous. Love them all xx

  7. Yes! Thanks and I waiting for a new scrap

  8. Hi, thanks so much for your lovely comment ♥ I am pleased that you like my honesty. Yeah, "style is not a question of money" and I want to show it on my blog:)
    Of course I follow you back!

  9. the blue one, the dark brown and the studded ones are totally my favorite. Girls should wear them often :P

  10. podobają mi się buciki od Nelly. ;)

  11. i love so bad teh firts ones...and in the second pic the studded bike boots..


  12. Great picks babe! I have the Jeffrey Tack Tick Wedges- Liza is wearing mine in one of our outfit ;) Hope you're well darling!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  13. Ohh so great selection of shoes. Nelly is swedish so I will take a look. The other one is from US and so much higher prices when it come into Sweden. But the shoes are gorge!

  14. HAHA! yes this wat i do everyday! ((addiction))!! I have something for boots these days. interesting post! xx

  15. Love the shoes!


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