Mittwoch, 27. April 2011


Yes, It's me. I'm finally writing again since I have been neglecting my beloved baby Pulcinella for a way too long time. Nevertheless, I kept on reading all the charming comments and mails readers and visitors sent me and therefore a big thank you is more than needed! I appreciate to see how people enjoy viewing my posts although they have been reduced the last couple of weeks. I will try to get into a new routine as soon as possible, surely including to spend enough time on my blog so that my passion for writing will not be misunderstood with average outfit-posts.
Last weekend, I chose to wear one of my latest but already favourite purchases: a yellow jacket by Kate Spade of this year's SS-collection. Yellow belongs definitely to those colours I usually not suggest to pick at first since I always found myself of being too pale for such a strong, light colour. However, it literally fell into my hands and so I was already having a vision of combining this piece to a clean white trousers while setting some small statements in form of small accessories. I somehow need to think of Gossip Girl when I look at it, Blair Waldorf kind of thoughts, and although I mysteriously boycott this series, Kate Spade's summer jacket always makes me feel of being ready for a weekend-trip to the Hamptons. ...I wish the Hamptons would have been the setting for this little outfit-post ..instead it was my garden. Oh well, I suppose such is life!:)
Have a great week!
Jacket: Kate Spade
Jeans: Zara
Top: Zara
Shoes: Kate Spade
Bag: Chanel
Shades: Ray Ban
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo

Montag, 18. April 2011

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

...I pulled my electric blue coloured trousers bought at Mango 3-4 years ago and a vintage jacket by Trixie Schober from my mum.
Shoes? "Lorissa" (suede platform pumps) by Sam Edelman recently purchased at Bloomingdale's in New York (and sorry to tell that I even got them on sale, so you can call me lucky ;)). Although I'm always very careful with all kind of clothes and accessories being studded I fell in love with them some time ago when released them in various pictures.
As a contrast to that velvet jacket, I put on my "Coco Rocks" shirt I got from Monsieur Steve! 
(for more amazing shirts visit: 
Hope you all had a great weekend! :)

Trousers: Mango
Shirt: Monsieur Steve
Jacket: Vintage by Trixie Schober
Heels: Sam Edelman

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Reptile Charmer .. it's Numéro # 122!

This month's April issue of one of my favourite magazines, Numéro, comprises an absolute amazing editorial featuring Kendra Spears (model) and the photography duo Sean & Seng (
Presenting the different clothing pieces from Dior, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton appears to me like a minor matter. Those snakes, that model, that atmosphere being brought together in a single picture - it seems as if Sean & Seng exactly knew what they are going to focus on with all of their talent while remaining the main intention of a photoshoot.
I'm simply impressed by this editorial My favourite pictures are obviously those with these beautiful Python regius (the most beautiful species of all those weird snakes existing out there).
Having said this, I also need to tell that I most probably won't be able to release larger posts with further fashion-depth the upcoming weeks. Life is getting a little more stressy.
Thanks for all the comments and mails I receive. I will answer as soon as possible.
Have a lovely Wednesday.

Montag, 11. April 2011

Gucci turns 90 & Fiat turns Gucci

While searching for some anniversary campaigns in any random sections you can imagine, I found that cute Fiat 500 designed by Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, and Centro Stile Fiat. 
Although it seems absolutely braggy to my mind, my heart starts bumping faster by all of that sweetness this cars spreads. I guess this "oh how sweet"-effect is triggered by the size a Fiat 500 generally has.
I would most probably never want to ride that care seriously myself (beside the fact that my bank account would say something like "nice try, dream on") but still I would love to see that model once in a while in reality.
Furthermore, this model is not only the result of the cooperation of two traditional, Italian houses but it also seems as if the real intention was meant to be the 150th birthday of Italy itself. If you look at the colours (not hard to recognise huh), then you discover the Italian flag as a part of the interior design.
"In the 1950s the Fiat 500 was like a revolution of the streets", says Giannini. "The Fiat 500 became the must-have, that everybody wanted to possess and drive. Smart travelling was always in focus of Guccio Gucci's work (Gucci founded his label in 1921). When Lapo Elkann asked me what I personally think of that cooperation with Fiat on the occasion of Gucci's 90th anniversary, it was the perfect moment for me to make a statement about travelling in the 21st century." 
This expensive, exciting (redneck?-)sweetie can be reserved until the 30th of June via before it heads to Paris, London and Tokio as a new, exclusive market launch. 
I'm still enraptured. Gucci-Gooh, little Baby! 

Sonntag, 10. April 2011

"Yes, your home is your castle ...

...but it is also your identity and your possibility to be open to others."
(David Soul)
Oh yes, how David Soul might have been right was just for our fortune yesterday, when we went to the incredible Bensberg Palace, near to Cologne. It is a former hunting seat of the Counts Palatine of the Rhine and since more than 10 years it accommodates a hotel. 
Having had dinner at the Italian styled restaurant, I thought about taking out my newly bought , orange dress by COS and pull it with the necklace of my mum, a classic bag and my Zara heels. 
The comfort with that dress is that it is not body conscious, therefore I might look a little pregnant in some pictures. But since summer is expected to be absolutely hot once again and since I'm sick of last summer's experiences with tight summer dresses, this one is absolutely fine to wear. Not least because orange is one of my favourite colours since I discovered the bangles by Hermès in its classic colours (which "Dear Santa Claus" never brought :( ).
Have a nice Sunday! 
Dress: COS
Jacket: Zara
Bag: Chanel
Heels: Zara
Necklace: from Mum 

Samstag, 9. April 2011

First Blog Award

I finally found space and time to thank Deborah from on a separate post for passing on the Stylish Blogger Award. I have seen so many sweet and cool blogs before who have received such awards and now I'm also in virtual possession. ;)
As it says, you need to give 15 facts about yourself, I think that this blog here is already such a personal insight of my thoughts and interests that it is hard to think about 15 simple facts right now.
Since I have a reason why being a faithful reader of the many blogs I chose to follow in the past, I just took the first two blogs coming up my mind randomly. Those two are The Fashion Mom and It's On With Allegra.
(   ; 
Have a nice Saturday :)

Oh and Happy belated Birthday to Vivienne Westwood (The Queen of Punk Chic) !!!
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