Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

The very last post in 2010

I'm just posting my very last entry in 2010 on this blog & I can't be more excited to welcome 2011!!!
So what is left to write after having said everything just the other entry before?
Thanks to all the nice comments, private emails, facebook messages and everything else referring to my blog :). 
Here are some pics I just shot with my webcam to show you my outfit (because I'm sure I will be more dead than alive to upload some pictures of my outfit and the night). 

2011 - Bring it on!

The less I like Christmas, the more I love New Year's. I can't even exactly tell why but it's so much more exciting to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Just think about all the things, which could happen in the upcoming year and then reflect on the one before, which just comes to an end.
Looking back at my personal 2010 there were so many amazing things happening to me that I just can hope that 2011 will be a good year if not even a better one. I've passed my IB, I've done my driver's permit (yes, I've mentioned that already but I'm still so proud that I finally got it haha), I moved to Maastricht and got into University, I gained precious people, who I don't want to miss,  and lost those who approved their reliability as friends. There were people surprisingly building me up when others surprisingly let me down.
Ok, I don't want to get into the complete sentimental drawer and I promise that I will stop immediately after just telling what I mostly learned this year. It was the way to ignore the people crossing some path in life, who don't have any goodwill in you and appreciate the few one has with even more gratefulness. There will always be people in life who envy you for what you do, what you don't do, what you have or what you don't have and anything which makes it possible to them being jealous.
You never know what comes next and sometimes you can't anticipate some things (may it be everything, which turns out to a negative piece in life) but when I look back life seems unpredictable to me.
So returning from my let's-all-think-about-what-just-happened-to-us-and-get-sentimental-trip, I hope you all party as much as possible to welcome 2011 and I'm looking forward to click through all the lovely blogs to see different New Year's outfits and maybe some inspiration. In that case, pleaaase dress yourself up .. there is nothing more depressing than seeing other girls having an average outfit when the evening is clearly called NEW YEAR'S EVE.
My outfit is another piece of transparent material with a focus on the unusual collar. I will post some pictures this evening before the huge New-Year-thing starts.
Having said this, there is just the wish of a Happy New Year, a lot of glamour, alcohol & fun left.
Cheers & a lot of bling bling!

And this track was produced by an old friend of mine, who's just about to make his DJ career in the UK (I envy him a bit for being at Chinawhite in London tonight ;)). Thanks for that energy-rich and amazing version! Love it. 

Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

Anna Dello Russo, regina della moda
Being considered on as one of the best dressed women of 2010, I have to admit, that this outfit has it all: Class, glamour and the breathtaking bit in form of XXL-feathershoulders. Since I have a similar feather cape, I'm simply impressed by this combination.
And taking even a deeper look into Anna's fashion-life and her just amazing closet, I really have to say that this woman simply (and yes this can't be described in any other appropriate words) ROCKS her way down the fashionweeks with this little craziness she brings with her. For me, she's more like an artist playing with fashion. Looking at one interview The Telegraph took this year it comes pretty clear to me that all her  thoughts and combinations of her way to dress herself come naturally and are no kind of strategy to bring herself into the light. Not that she needs to do so as she is the creative consultant of Vogue Japan (hellooohooo), but I often  get the impression that so many people in this business represent a whole show-off. But Anna seems to me as she doesn't belong to the group of showponies wearing fashion in order to be "in style". She kind of IS part of fashion.
Anna expresses her thoughts and imaginations of fashion by letting them speak through her clothes. Sometimes she seems to me like a fantasyfigure. So eccentric and meanwhile original  - you just can't mistake her with anyone else. Sometimes so paradox and then on the other hand the little detail that connects everything and builds a balanced picture of the style. I don't want to put it in offensive words, but since she describes her style to be schizophrenic and mutant, I get that feeling that she knows herself pretty well at least in regard to her way to dress.
Anna seems like the Madonna of Fashion. Spontaneous, changeable, inspiring - always putting on another face day in day out. And I? I just love her!

Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

The Statement Necklace

Fully enjoying my holidays in Austria and finally knowing how it feels to ski again, I neglect my beloved blog a bit and again I just can say that I'm really sorry. I try to post a bit more the upcoming days (also including my dress for New Year's, which I'm already excited of) & I hope you guys have some nice days wherever you are. 
So what did I wear the last days beside my skiing-stuff (which somehow makes me feel like being the most boring person on earth since everyone looks similar)? Beside a combination of a 5Preview-Shirt and some really nice leather-trousers (pictures will be posted soon), I finally decided to put on my statement necklace I bought this summer.
I wasn't sure about the bling-bling factor & therefore the possibility to raise some wrong impressions about my sense for jewelry but then I saw Olivia Palermo wearing one and it was decided: The statement necklace is mine & therefore wants to be presented to the rest of the world ;). I'm usually not used to such huge necklaces and I'd rather take some nice earrings. 
However, wearing simple Jeans by J.Brand, a black basic top by Zara and one of my favourite heels of this winter (some black suede ones by Guess) combined to a black, classic jacket with some shoulderpads, I thought that this necklace looks just nice and doesn't give an overloading impression of myself.  
Necklace: Accessorize 

Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

The Christmas-Outfit...

Thank God, Christmas is over. I hope you all got the right presents without further drama. As I promised, I've shot some pictures of my dress (which now is a simple ashtray after spending the rest of the night in some club).
Have a nice Saturday (hopefully without any kind of hangover as I have it).
The dress was bought at Topshop and the shoes are made by L.K. Bennett.

Dress: Topshop
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: L.K. Bennett

Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Last Christmas ...

... I've written a post about the whole christmas-spectacle, which we all have to face every year. Unfortunately I wrote it in German, so since I'm in a little "what-to-wear"-stress for tonight, I just translated it & hope you don't take me too serious;).

Each christmas you get overloaded with texts, wall entries and mails telling you all the same stuff: " I wish you a very happy Christmas. Have a nice evening & hope you get all your presents.", which (in other words / in reality) means: I don't have any clue what to write but since I was born I have been taught to wish each weirdo crossing my way a Merry Christmas. In fact "each weirdo" includes all your amazing friends you have on Facebook (so I guess the average is about 400 - all real friends of course) and certainly (to increase your little phone bill) the whole address book in your Blackberry or iPhone. And since the 24th is mostly stressful but on the other hand the most boring day you could have, you decide to write to everyone the same shit. The possibility to go into heaven after wishing everyone a happy Christmas will be increased (yes of course) because hello: It's Jesus' birthday. A reason to celebrate! 
I consider this whole writing-pressure to be completely useless and without any sense of goodwill. We give us presents because ... it is like it is . We stress the hell out of ourselves to get some completely useless presents last-minutely, because we were not bothered to do so the weeks before (hey, Christmas comes so quick each year. I just wore my summer-dress and woosh there was winter and christmas!?) and then, when we spent our money on some really lame things, which we would never buy for ourselves (because let's face it: Who the hell needs some socks with the cookiemonster on it or a Justin-Bieber CD or some heart soap!?) we are hiding all these cool presents from each other to find out that we don't remember where the heck we put them when we wanted to hide them at a really good place. 
We hear "Last Christmas" each bloody year because this idiot George Michael decided to compose some lame world-hit, which we can't forget of. 
We have to call grandma and grandpa and the rest of the world to tell them how we feel on the 24th and we need to mime some kind look to the mean game, because Christmas is the only day we can't avoid each other. Oh and what I MOSTLY love (!) are the people (especially the ones coming from my area, so Germany & Austria) wishing me "mArry christmas". Certainly, they didn't want to tell me how much they want to marry this day but I guess they rather want to demonstrate they lack in English (which in fact is fatal in German systems -> and I'm not sorry to all the German readers because you will discover that yourself if you ever go somewhere, where you have to use that language more than 5 hours per week). 
Anyways. I don't have anything against nice, useful presents...(hey, I just told Santa what to bring me this year ;)) but these random entries & texts are just unnecessary. 
Having said this, I hope you all have a nice evening and no drama (oh how i love the fact that Christmas is notorious for the high possibility that a huge family-drama can be easily triggered ;)).
Below you can obviously see me & my Christmas-outfit. It's a dress I bought at Topshop the other weekend I had the pleasure to be in London. More pictures of this outfit will be posted as soon as I survived that evening. (And yes, I'm just another Photo Booth-Bitch) 

Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Burberry Prorsum FW11

First of all: I'm completely sorry that I haven't blogged until now but since I was on my way to our annual skiing-vacation, I was in little stress with unpacking my 1000000 clothes (ALL necessary of course and ALL meant to be worn in 2 weeks!). So, I hope you will apologize my little absence yesterday & I promise, that I will upload some nice pictures as soon as I have shot them. 

Soo, what did I discover there at Burberry Prorsum's FW-collection for next year? An overload of AMAZING coats, fur details and the classic-kept way we all expect by thinking about Burberry, which I consider Bailey has overtaken pretty well. 
Especially, the black coat combined to the leather overknees (very sexy) is one of my absolute favourites! Moreover, I discovered similar (trench-)coats as we have already seen them for the SS11-collection just with the difference that Bailey has used fury details on the shoulderpart as well as on the collar instead of the studded details for his summer collection. Or as an alternative, there are some really he used shiny stones to fresh up the old well-known Burberry coat. Well done, I'd say. 
Focusing more on the shoes, I mostly spotted the leather overknees & although I would consider them as way too primitive (I'm sorry but they CAN be interpreted as a little bitch-factor) they just look hot in all the combinations with different jackets or coats. I'm still not sure whether I would buy such overknees but I think that really depends on each woman. At least, you need to have thin calves...but you will need that anyways to get in them. (I'm sorry but let's be honest... people with fat calves don't have a chance seriously look ridiculous IF they would fit SOME overknees ...). 
So what else did I appreciate to see? Of course, it was the classic black jacket. I think that this should hang in every girl's closet. Seriously, it is always appropriate, never "overstyled" and combinable in so many ways that it's personally a must to take it with me everywhere I am. 
Something, which I also discovered were the oversized half-cut sleeves made of fur while the dress (?) shows the upcoming trend of colorblocking. Red and blue - why not.
I really start to love Prorsum even more with every released collection. A classic label mixed with modern spirit - exactly what I like.

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010


Some weeks ago I watched one of the winter holiday-ads by H&M and I suddenly got re-inspired since I wrote a comment on the D&G collection for this winter.  
I love such oversized pullovers like the one I bought in September at a little shop in Maastricht and how the hell could I just forget to wear it ?! Thanks to this ad, I immediately put on some black leggings, the pullover, painted my nails red and got some red lipstick. 

Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Very Versailles, Wildfox.

Once upon a time... American label named "Wildfox" decided to design some really nice shirts with some catchy prints and fabulous models wearing them in their ads...
And each season there is a new, recognizable topic I start to love the second I see it somewhere popping up  at a fashion page. Next year's spring/summer seems like Wildfox has brought Marie Antoinette to life again, which made me kind of going crazy in front of my laptop. How can one not love that historical Icon?! I mean, let's face it: Since Sophia Coppola has brought us Marie Antoinette's life into the cinemas, there had to remain at least some trickles of her...eccentric character and her way of life in our minds.
Personally, I like that campaign most - not at least because I also begin to think that I was Marie Antoinette in my last life while looking at my current mobile phone bill (yeah, nothing to be proud of).
Anyways, I love the new ad and it definitely expresses the modern way of how Marie Antoinette's life would be (which is, at the end of the day, not that different from her life back in the 18th century) : Sexy, wasteful, extravagant and always with that little bad girl - touch. 
Je t'aime, Spring/Summer collection 2011

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010


My main resolution for next year? Definitely STOP buying shirts!
I couldn't help it on Friday when I saw that new shirt hanging in the window of loud!store, so I kinda had to buy it.

Zac Posen's Pre-Fall 11..

picture credit:
..makes my heart go faster. My absolute favourite is the amazing (!) jacket you see above worn by Hilary Rhoda. The mixture of different furs makes the jacket more lively instead of granny-styled and looks just amazing in combination to the eye make-up. 
Looking for further looks by Posen, I discovered a lot of leather, which was cut into lace as details (this combination really seems to establish itself for next year's winter by looking at other designers as well) and the good old leoprint. Interpreting this old self-running print, Zac Posen gave the good old leo a new image by coloring him in blue and black. Very cool. Actually black and blue seem to dominate this whole little pre-fall insight.
Another favourite is the dress with its hot leather embellishments. In that case, I guess that you really need to have a Daria Werbowy-like figure.
I really really want this jacket. Just wicked. SANTA, here is another item to be added to my wish-list!

Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010


I've just shot some pictures of myself showing my latest purchase,  a little bit of a racoon by Hallhuber. Normally I'm not a big fan of this label but I saw this fluffy thing hanging in the window. No further explanation needed huh? 
I combined my baby to a simple black longsleeve & a very old A&F-jacket (I still can't believe that I'm in possession of it & finally I brought it to life again) and a simple black cord-skirt by Zara. 
Looking at the pictures now I have to admit that the skirt is a bit too short. That's why it just landed in the "Toss"-Box. ;)

Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Dear Santa Claus...

...since I fell in love with the Emeil-bangles by Hermès and their wonderful clutches I guess that these ones are the first things on my wishlist for you to deliver me on the 24th.
I've been such a good girl this year: I've done my IB, I've done my driver's permit (finally), got into University, tidied up my mostly beloved facebookfriends, frequently watching them going crazy if they discovered that I'm not willing to be connected with them anymore and taking into account that they started bitching around out of their anger (haha still I'm impressed by you people;)), helped others ... at some day..somehow ... etc etc etc.
So please, if you read this, take it seriously & think about how many good things I've done and how much I deserve all my wishes ;).
I still believe in you because I hope that you will tell either my parents or one of the other family-members that this blog exists and that I'm currently typing you all my present wishes.
No, seriously I'm so in love with the bracelets by Hermès. I couldn't think of anything better to give me as a  present since I've discovered them at a store in some not-worthy-to-mention city in Germany. 
And if this is not possible to come true, then I would have some alternative wishes... one pair of the boots of the S/S collection 2011 by RL. So classy, so good.
2...or the new Balenciaga bag.
3...ooor the Alex McQueen Heels, which I would wear with pride an never give them back.
4...but if you consider that this is "way too much" then how about the Alejandro Ingelmo Heels? My simple black Zara heels have seen to many discofloors, streets and bad weather conditions..although I love them, I think it's time to say goodbye!?
5...and please think about summertime, when I'm again in desperate need of some nice black flats. What about the Embro Wingskull Ballerinas by Philipp Plein?? :) I could help them to tidy up their image as being a label for rednecks! See, I'd call that Helping by Wearing!! 

So Santa, if you consider all these wishes to be unrealistic, way too superficial you might be right. But what if we wouldn't have dreams!? 

PS.:  And please, if my parents think I smacked my little crazy head on the pavement (because I suppose they will when they might get to see that decent little wish-list) just make sure that they somehow change their mind because that's what I'm trying for so long ;).
1 Boots by RL
2 Balenciaga Bag

3 Alexander McQueen Heels
4 Heels by Alejandro Ingelmo 
5 Embro Wingskull Flats by PP 
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