Samstag, 31. März 2012

Departure Time

Some snapshopts shortly taken before my departure to the airport yesterday. I'm leaving London behind for the upcoming two weeks and spend my time in Austria.
I will attend the Easter Festival in Salzburg (can't wait to go to the premiere of Carmen tonight!), then go to one of my favourite places on earth for some (hopefully) sunny skiing days. 
As it always feels like I'm going to travel the whole world when packing my stuff, I didn't have the patience to style myself especially up.
A) I feel like I'm doing some heavy workout when carrying my luggage half through the check-in halls, B) my hand luggage is actually an undercover-normal-luggage (at least it feels like it weighs 20 kg! -thank you laptop, thank you cosmetics, thank you 10kg charger that got plunged into the bag last minute), thus makes me feel even worse, C) It's completely useless to dress up for ...some weird people, a school class and all the other weirdos from all over the world crossing my way during that stressful time. I don't know why but I hate short flights. They don't allow me to feel comfortable in the airplane (once I'm falling asleep, some stewardess comes over to ask for some drinks, magazines, perfumes, tell me to pull out my headphones because "we are already landing", WHATEVER #leavemeforeveralone), nor do they cause less drama than a flight to the North Pole would do. D) Last but not least, I recommend everyone to watch Jenna Marbles' way of describing exactly what I was thinking for a long time. "What bitches wear at the airport" is the all-time-scenario surely everyone of us has seen at LEAST once in a lifetime (for me, it feels like it happens EVERY time I wait at the security check - it's the hard knock life for us, it's the hard knock life for us). 
Having said all of this, I'm happy to relax the upcoming days, attend some operas and just don't think about how I will manage my next departure for skiing...! ;)

Cardigan: Club Monaco
Leggings: Zara
Sunnies: Vintage 
Bag: Balenciaga 
Boots: Zara

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Black Lace

With Easter break beginning on Friday, London is blessed with an amazing summer weather, that just barely let me think of going skiing in more than a week. 
That's why I put on my lately purchased lace shorts consisting of a slightly different material than what we usually associate with lace. Due to this, I can already imagine wearing these shorts at the beach as well as during a night out. 
I wrote about my deep and everlasting passion to this material when I pulled my lace dress last Christmas but I simply love the way you can combine it to nearly every occasion.  Whether day or night, lace seems to be always appropriate if worn in the right way. 
This time, I went for a little contrast within the look - being covered up all in black (perfectly showing my total paleness to the world) but still using playful shorts to some boyfriendstyled blazer is one of the combinations that automatically came up my mind. To add a little more elegance yet don't leave it in a way too black in black light, I reduced my accessories to golden details only. Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana (and still completely in love with this look), I put on my creoles and just couldn't stop thinking about how this piece of jewellery adds some decisive image to the whole outfit. With this look and various ideas of how I will combine these shorts to other pieces, I went out for an early dinner at Hakkasan Mayfair with my dad.
Blazer: Zara 
Lace shorts: Zara
Top: Northland
Creoles: my mum
Bracelet: Collier de Chien, Hermès 
Bag: Chanel
Sunnies: Ray Ban 
Shoes: Office

Dienstag, 27. März 2012


No, not exactly a cape. But wow, I haven't worn my poncho in ages. Last times I remembered putting this beautiful thing out was during my visit at Tefaf in Maastricht and a sunny day in Cologne, which both is now exactly a year ago. Too bad but then again understandable since a poncho is something you can't wear all the time. And still, I always try to be a little innovative with it. Surely, it would always look good with some black pants but then bores me out to wear the same combinations over and over again (*this statement doesn't apply to all of my black-in-black-love I'm deeply carrying in my heart). 
Originally I wanted to go for my snake printed sneakers by Prego, which I wore during a day at Brick Lane some weeks ago, but then found another piece I didn't wear in a longer time - the leo dress with its outstanding shoulderpads. Lastly worn during some hard study times (why the hell did I pull this for a day in library!?), I felt the urgent need to integrate it to my poncho outfit. Due to the fact that London weather is constantly changing from 4 degrees in the morning to 15 degrees in the noon up to 19 in the afternoon, I'm sick of changing my clothes twice a day (either I'm feeling too cold, then I'm leaving the tube feeling like I left the rain forest behind..). That's why I thought that the dress will keep me warm and meanwhile doesn't give a too hot ground for the poncho. As I'm just rarely putting any lighter shades on myself, I think that this is the best way I could have done an outfit exceptionally existing of beige and nude. I thought to combine this outfit to my favourite Guess heels but then found out that this looks way too bold. The heels would be fine but the black in contrast to these light tones would have been too harsh. That's why I went for a completely new look and put on my just lately purchased Marant-alike sneakers. 

Poncho: Esprit
Vintage Dress: Dolce & Gabbana
Leggings: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Sneakers: Ovyé 

Montag, 26. März 2012

The Washington Park Residence

Having parents who are not only attracted to outstanding art but also having a great sense for architecture and interior design had ultimately a major influence on me. 
Since I discovered the variety of architecture blogs, I always admired some specific ones that offer me a daily dose of amazing inspiration in that sector. As I'm not calling myself an expert (in contrast to what I call my parents), I can't tell much about the facts that attract me the most in terms of specific houses, buildings or interior. But something I can certainly say: I love puristic design. Straight lines, symmetry and that special something, which engages the person to a cool but welcoming atmosphere are the ultimate factors that always make crave to live in such an environment all by myself one day. That's why I'm an obsessive collector of pictures of this world's (personally considered) most amazing houses and that's why I found that it's time to share some of the over 1000 images with my readership. To start off with my newest label "Architecture" (for some other impressions, click on the sidebar and discover which amazing places I was able to visit and other stuff that perfectly matches this label), I thought about sharing The Washington Park Residence. 
Being a project by the Sullivan Conard Architects, this house is located in Seattle near Lake Washington and Cascades. The elements of rare stone and nature orientated elements and colours build a beautiful balance to the clean and structured shape. The picture that attracted my at first (and mostly!) was the one presenting the entrance with the sunlight flooding the room and offering an incredible sight. Thanks to the broad windows, the house holds a link to the surrounding nature and meanwhile maintains privacy. The way the light can flush into each corner if you want to but doesn't necessarily has to, is something I absolutely adore. As a contrast to the raw stone and wooden elements, the steel walls add that cool atmosphere and show some major awareness of modernity without exaggerating. 
However, there is one decisive thing that didn't convince me, thus makes the whole appearance a little harder to look good for those of us having not such an architectural affinity. It's the interior. Although I like furniture, which perfectly fits to the palish nature tones, I personally don't like the various pictures hanging nearly everywhere. It takes some essential room. 
Not convinced of the table + the art 
Again, too much of the art standing and hanging around. 

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

The Queen's Walk

Reviewing the last week was like thinking about the funniest moments someone could have in one entire life. I spent some amazing days together with one of my favourite people and some quality time yesterday with another favourite one. It seems as if half of Europe is glowing and so I couldn't resist but to take one of my some-while-ago purchases and put it on. This jacket is the perfect creation for a wonderful day out and meanwhile keeps some flashy details that let it even match for a casual dinner. The material (100 % cotton) feels supercomfy and rather gave me the impression of wearing a jumper instead of a jacket that slowly but surely makes it into my spring/summer-favourites list. The neon stripes add that vibrant touch and then again maintain that certain order (I love) when mingling with low-keyed grey. The destroyed tucks at the end of the sleeves and the neckline enduce that little rebellious something, which builds a contrast to the cut and material. The detail that adds this elegant and special twist are the golden chains and especially that oversized zipper. I just love how different elements come together on one item and create a completely new and refreshing look.
Originally, I wanted to combine this jacket to my striking skirt but I successfully forgot it back in Cologne - that's why I thought of refusing to wait for it (getting it next week when I'm meeting my parents in Austria) and rather show another alternative to wear the jacket. Sometimes, I just have that one specific outfit sticking in my head, which doesn't want to leave it until I wore it and which doesn't allow me to pull anything else with the thought items. It still gets on my nerves of how I was able to "forget" it.... but then again I suppose that this is something, which happens when you a) have three different types of closets in three different countries and b) your luggage is always suffering from tremendous obesity, which doesn't allow you to even think about packing any additional stuff. That's why I still have to wait for my aforethought combination. But I guess I'm doing fine with this casual alternative.  
Together with my bag and the golden as well as skull details I chose, I spent half of the day around Tower Bridge and on the other side of the Thames. Sometimes, I just enjoy being the tourist in the city. 

Jacket: Imperial
Shirts: Northland
Trousers: Superfine
Bracelets: Irene Jewellery via IJ
Necklace: Agatha 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 
Bag: Zara
Ballerinas: Bloch 
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