Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Poly Poses in Prints

"Spring explodes in a riot of color and pattern" (V Magazine, 69 Spring Issue 2011) 

I once again discovered the reason why I love V Magazine so much. Their stories and their inspiring pictures catch me every time, so no wonder I stopped by when I had a look at their story with its title "Natasha is the new brunette who loves her new prints".
As one could have noticed, I've been writing about prints in several posts, so I couldn't help it by clicking through all the fabulous pictures by Willy Vanderperre.
As many of us already discovered, prints in all colors and patterns should be kept in our eye for spring and especially the psychedelic bits play an important role. Personally, I'm not comfortable by wearing psychedelic and since I always think that you need to wear fashion with a certain attitude mine would probably be something like "Hi you staring people, I'm a chameleon and I consider myself of being completely ridiculous by wearing this piece of fashion". So no good attitude I guess. 
Coming back to the original launch of this story, Panos Yiapanis put the beautiful Russian model into various prints from Versace over Balenciaga to Christopher Kane. And I? I love the pictures but maybe I'd never pose as confident as Natasha does it ;). 

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

SNAKE is so much more than just a game ;)

..well at least I thought so when I recently had to wait for a video on youtube. Maybe you know what I'm talking about but in some cases, when you have to wait for a video to be fully loaded, you are able to play that oldschooled game we all had once on our stonaged Nokias called Snake. Oh how I missed it. And then all of a sudden it showed up while waiting for the video and there it was. The reminder of my (obviously faux) snake-skin leggings I got ages ago at H&M. So after searching for it in the deepnesses of my closets I found it and put it together with my poncho I just bought at Esprit some time ago. Yes, it's seriously Esprit, which I normally hate to even enter but when my granny bought that poncho for herself, it came up to my mind that I'm not in possession of a poncho and that everyone should have one. So including me to "everyone", my feet brought me into that shop where this poncho was already on sale. Lucky me!
As you can see I combined that outfit to flat overknees and my paddington bag by Chloe.

Poncho: Esprit
Pullover: J. Crew
Leggings: H&M
Overknees: Uli Knecht
Bag: Chloe, model Paddington

Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

Latest Purchases: Getting ready for summer!

I realised how much clothes/shoes/nail polish/accessories/STUFF I just bought recently (each piece was obviously necessary!), so I thought about giving myself a shop-stop.
Nice try! I started my little self-initiated experiment two days ago and it took 1 1/2 days until I went back into old habits ... . Good for the economy, bad for my bank account. But I couldn't walk by when I read "SALE" in big white letters with a red background and the words "we close! 60 % off" when I stopped at a shop called Uli Knecht in Cologne. And as if I'd never thought about stopping shopping for a while, I found myself in the changing room with a wonderful dress for the upcoming summer. The point of this entry won't be about how strict I am with myself when it concerns such wonderful rules - it's more that I wanted to share my latest purchases with you. I hope you like them as much as I do (and if not, then don't you dare to comment bad on my new babies ;)).
Just for your information:  Enough IS actually enough. I guess I have everything I need and want for the upcoming season and I think about really setting myself a goal to stop my shopping-excess for a while. There is way too less space in my closets and this is always a sign to say goodbye to things you don't need/wear/look at anymore. 
The snake-lovies are a purchase from last summer, but I haven't even worn them once last year, so they definitely need to be worn this summer.  

Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

Accessories Pre-Fall 11

Women's Wear Daily just released the accessoires of the various pre-fall collection and I couldn't be more excited when I discovered all these nice things I include in this entry. My absolute favourites of the pre-fall accessory part are definitely the boots by Oscar de la Renta, the leo-clutch by Pucci and the classic boots by Salvatore Ferragamo, which remind me of the boots by RL I posted in my wish-list for Christmas 2010
Of course, McQueen couldn't be missed out and here I went for the relative simple heel for the daily-life and the more extravagant heel with its gold-details for the night. Not that I could afford it in the next ftime... just doing as if;). Oh and not to forget the little red, really exciting bag by Jason Wu in snake-like haptic. And if this is a bit too casual for evening-events, why not taking the Stella McCartney-clutch, which reminds me more of Chanel but still looks awesome no matter how much some signature details of another label are copied.
Lastly, I found the Roberto Cavalli heels, which I didn't expect to be branded with Cavalli. I normally find myself being a bit disinclined when it comes to Cavalli since I personally consider this label to be worn by too many rednecks. There's too much translation of this certain lifestyle I'd never want to have (an obvious way too huge showing-off-lifestyle) finding itself in these clothes. But still these shoes are amazing and remind me of Louboutin's light-coloured version I purchased last summer. 
For further insights of the pre-fall accessories 2011, visit: 
Have a nice weekend!

From above to below: Salvatore Ferragamo, Pucci, Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, Burberry Prorsum, Stella McCartney, Pucci, Alexander McQueen. 

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

In a classy mood

Thanks to Olivia Palermo and her absolute amazing way to dress, I got inspired and re-interpreted that outfit. As a result, I took some used A&F shorts and put on some black, flat overknees instead of these incredible YSL heels. My top, which may look like a blouse, is bought at Topshop and the blazer is from Zara.

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

McQueen's Pre-Fall 11

As a faithful reader, you must have noticed my passionate love for McQueen. So no wonder, that I once again fell in love with the current release of the pre-fall collection. It’s already the second time I have to praise Sarah Burton’s ability to overtake such a gigantic label founded by a fallen king and still remaining the McQueenish factor, which obviously defines this label.
Clicking through the lookbook was like walking through the closet of the new interpreted Russian army-wife. With little shopping-results she got when she was in Rome, she reminds herself of the gladiator-times by putting on a hot leather-dress with a pleated skirt and the decisive buckle-details. And if she’s not in the mood for such a dress, why not taking the silkdress with the leatherdetails at its end and keeping her love for fur by putting on a black fur-gown-like jacket!? And please look at her black coat with puffy fur details at the ends (sleeve and neck) with the gold buttons and typical Mary Janes, which remain on McQueen-status by their heels.
Broad waist-belts, doubled row-coats and dresses reaching the calves as well as a straight hair-do make her look sophisticated but classy.
Red, black, a strong but dark blue and dabbers of warm, clear pink and orange define the upcoming fall and what I mostly love above all? The golden details always (!) showing up in each piece of clothing. It makes the whole appearance elegant but at the same time avoiding the granny-like look.
And when it comes to real evening dresses, I couldn’t decide which one I would steal first if I would break into the McQueen-store as a contract-thief. Would I take the blue flowered just majestic dress with transparent elements, which makes me dream of being an elf-like queen or would I take the same coloured darkdarkblued straight dress with its neckholder and just breathtaking details consisting of a gold-shiny sewed waist-belt and adorned neck. And please recognize the feathers (!) connected to the waist-belt. Doesn’t that just look awesome?!
I could write ages about Mrs.Neo-Army-Russian wife but maybe I should just let the picture speak for themselves. Thanks Sarah, you made me love McQueen one more time again. 

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

places i'd currently like to be...

...coming back from such a nice weekend and being plunged into daily life again makes me dream about various place I'd like to be. You can't deny that at least one of the pictures don't look amazing to you, can you!

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Impressions of the Weekend

As already mentioned here are some mixed pictures of the rest of this weekend I spent in Berlin. All the delicious, sweet sins were photographed at KaDeWe. The last picture with my friend was made at our first night in Berlin at the Felix Club, which was pretty amazing. Have a nice Monday! :) 

...and this is my personal soundtrack of the weekend. I haven't heard that track in ages and then all of a sudden it got played when we went out on Friday. It may be old but it's still soo good. 
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