Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Dear Santa Claus...

...since I fell in love with the Emeil-bangles by Hermès and their wonderful clutches I guess that these ones are the first things on my wishlist for you to deliver me on the 24th.
I've been such a good girl this year: I've done my IB, I've done my driver's permit (finally), got into University, tidied up my mostly beloved facebookfriends, frequently watching them going crazy if they discovered that I'm not willing to be connected with them anymore and taking into account that they started bitching around out of their anger (haha still I'm impressed by you people;)), helped others ... at some day..somehow ... etc etc etc.
So please, if you read this, take it seriously & think about how many good things I've done and how much I deserve all my wishes ;).
I still believe in you because I hope that you will tell either my parents or one of the other family-members that this blog exists and that I'm currently typing you all my present wishes.
No, seriously I'm so in love with the bracelets by Hermès. I couldn't think of anything better to give me as a  present since I've discovered them at a store in some not-worthy-to-mention city in Germany. 
And if this is not possible to come true, then I would have some alternative wishes... one pair of the boots of the S/S collection 2011 by RL. So classy, so good.
2...or the new Balenciaga bag.
3...ooor the Alex McQueen Heels, which I would wear with pride an never give them back.
4...but if you consider that this is "way too much" then how about the Alejandro Ingelmo Heels? My simple black Zara heels have seen to many discofloors, streets and bad weather conditions..although I love them, I think it's time to say goodbye!?
5...and please think about summertime, when I'm again in desperate need of some nice black flats. What about the Embro Wingskull Ballerinas by Philipp Plein?? :) I could help them to tidy up their image as being a label for rednecks! See, I'd call that Helping by Wearing!! 

So Santa, if you consider all these wishes to be unrealistic, way too superficial you might be right. But what if we wouldn't have dreams!? 

PS.:  And please, if my parents think I smacked my little crazy head on the pavement (because I suppose they will when they might get to see that decent little wish-list) just make sure that they somehow change their mind because that's what I'm trying for so long ;).
1 Boots by RL
2 Balenciaga Bag

3 Alexander McQueen Heels
4 Heels by Alejandro Ingelmo 
5 Embro Wingskull Flats by PP 


  1. What a wonderful wishlist! I hope your Santa isn't in a recession the way my Santa is so that you get all of your presents! As for me, I can only ask my Santa for things within his budget. Lol.

    Thanks so much for the comment! I just started my blog in November and I appreciate the support! Come visit again soon and I will do the same and follow you!

  2. Die Ballerinas sind ja so schön !

    Und doch, man kann mich 'followen', klick oben auf 'regelmäßig' lesen. :)
    Ganz liebe Grüße !

  3. omg you're too funny "my parents think I smacked my little crazy head on the pavement" lol

    that hermes wallet is amazing...

    thanks for following, i am now doing the same :)


  4. what about the "Toundra Booty Fur Boots" by Christian Louboutin from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection, babe? :) they looked great on you ;)

  5. ja habski...wenn da mal der jute santa claus nicht ne kleine persönliche wirtschaftskrise erleben muss nachdem er alle meine wünsche erfüllt hat... ;)) :*


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