Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Rainy Sunday in Berlin

Ok, this is going to be a quick outfit-post of today. I'm heading to the airport in about 10 minutes, so please apologize this. It was an amazing weekend here with my friend and I will definitely come back some time although we both came to the resolution that Berlin is not the city we'd like to live (if we had the possibility to choose). What I personally recognized (once again) here in Berlin is the alternative flair this city has to some extent and which seems to be even a bit more existing than in other cities. Maybe this is the reason for many people to come to Berlin (because electro/dubstep/what ever parties seem to be legendary) but personally I'm not that into that whole scene. Anyways. I had a great weekend and I hope you all enjoyed it as well. Have a nice Sunday.

Coat: Remy Hall
Fur Vest: Vintage
Longsleeve: D&G
Half-leather trousers: Ted Baker
Necklace: H&M 
Sunnies: Vintage
Bag: H&M 
Platform bootees: Guess 


  1. the photos are amazing!!

  2. You have marvelous hair and style.

  3. lovely pictures , like your boots x

  4. the shoes are gorgeous - i give you credit for being able to walk in heels so high! :)

  5. deine haare sind so wunderschoen! kann ich sie dir klauen?


  6. cool outfit and great concrete scenery <3

  7. AMAZING location! you look beautiful too! :)


  8. Supercool boots, fantastic shoot.

  9. Love the outfit - especially the first photo!

  10. This "amazing" location is a memorial for all the Jews who died during the National Socialism.
    To my mind it is somehow dubious to use this as a podium to present ones style, fashion and coolness...
    Your style is really great, but this is a memorial not a runway.

  11. thanks for that comment, ANONYMOUS! ;)

  12. You are welcome.
    And just to make sure, I am not saying this out of malignancy.
    Your blog is great, it is just something I discovered and wanted experess.
    Oh, and I am "anonymous" because I am not logged in at this website, thats all.

  13. Yes thats completely okay.. Im respecting your opinion and it's worthy to mention that it seems dubious to use this memorial as a runway (as you have called it). Thanks for saying really might be worthy to think about ones moral when using this location. Just to make sure that you dont get me wrong: i didnt think about this aspect when i did the intention was not to disrespect my ancestor's religion as well as their past.

  14. Anna! Die Aufnahmen sind fabelhaft.
    Lovely blog x

  15. danke tonya! die meisten leute heulen rum weil sie das memorial mit nem friedhof verwechseln und denken ich lobe den zweiten weltrkieg... wie man so schön lesen konnte.. unfassbar :D

    hoffe dir gehts gut?! :*


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