Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Dsquared²'s Pre-Fall. Love it!

First of all, I'm again highly sorry for not posting since Saturday evening. I just came back to Maastricht, which maybe automatically turns me into a little depression with a pinch of aggression and the 24/7-remaining question why the hell I chose to study the subject I currently have (!) to study (because that's just the way I am...). Anyways. I try my best to ignore this "problem", which one could also call a typical luxury-problem due to its not existing gravity (if I would be honest to myself instead of pity myself ;)).

As the headline of this blog post already reveals, I really fell in love with Dsquared²'s idea of the upcoming fall and I just can hardly wait until the whole collection is released!
The Caten-brothers bedazzled me with their ability to mix casual weekend-wear with sexy businesslooks and hot fur-details.
Maybe one can already guess it, but since I nearly like each amazing piece of this pre-fall collection, I just can barely tell which of the clothes I love the most. Obviously everything on these pictures which has some fury details makes my heart go faster, not to mention the first picture below with the just divine dress and the golden accessory part. Moreover, we have coat with the fury sleeves, which made it on my list as soon as I could click through the images. Another piece I'd love to have, is the grey very business-like dress, which doesn't appear way too conservative and "hey-i'm-a-lawyer-lady"-lookalike by having this lovely sleeve-detail on the left side.
Something, which I don't understand (yet) is the cape-like jacket with the fur hoodie and this dubious "undercoat", which reminds me a little bit of a multifunctional SOMETHING and therefore doesn't make it on my hot-list. Without the undercoat, I'd like it probably more but with it, this creation is too much mixed with different elements for me.
Beside the black-grey-white part, the more casual combinations impressed me enough to think about buying such an olive-coloured summer-coat and combine it to a similar outfit. But then on the other hand I think that I won't need and (even more necessary to mention) won't wear a summer-coat (a little paradox already), so I guess this can be left with a looks-fine-but-isn't-necessary-to-own-stamp.
Furthermore, the flower-printed jacket impresses me although I'd consider myself of being not the typical flower-print-girl, although this reminds me more of being part of a summer collection. But then you never know what was in Dean and Dan's minds when they thought about this year's fall/winter and let's be honest: It's this little bit of curiosity triggered by unanswered questions that make us fall in love with nearly the whole (pre-)collection.


  1. im following:) thnx for the sweet comment and for following:)xx

  2. i like your blog. interesting and lovely inspirations :D

  3. woww, really what an amazing collection of clothes. they styled the collection so well with all the pretty layers of different designs/prints. thanks for sharing this! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. Am forever in love with Dsquared, i love the total black and the way they put something sexy and trendy into the formal wear. love.

  5. Very very nice clothes and a nice blog. I'm following you now sweetheart.



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