Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Inspiration: Paris, Ladurée and a lot of Girlystuff.

Sometimes, when I click through various pages on, there are always these images that remind me of the typical girly-stuff. Something which can just be loved by real girlygirls, who love Louis, daydreaming, a lot of sweets, Paris and the Eiffeltower. Considering myself to be one of them inside, if not always that obvious due to my .. let's call it very direct and open minded character, I just had to click on "save" when I found the following pictures. Don't worry. Normally, I'd consider all these pictures to be bull...sugar but then on the other hand they inspire me. 
Credit goes to: and! 
Have a nice rest of this rainy Thursday. 


  1. Sometimes it's nice to be a girly girl. Isn't it??? :) Love the pics and I have to say I am in love with Paris (as many) too.

  2. Oh, Paris mon amour!! Loving each picture, thanks for sharing! :)

  3. these pictures are amazing! they make me dream..... x

  4. Very nice pictures, they're every girls dream
    xoxo Sarah

  5. The eiffeltower-back-straps are awesome! Paris is great. I'm so lucky to get there in 1h20 by train!

  6. holy beautifulness. agreeeee :) happy 2011 xx

  7. YUM love everything here.the food the fashion the vogue and lv!

  8. OMG
    cute city
    cute dresses
    what can a girl ask more?

  9. in love with the photos<3 great inspiration<3 check it out sometime hope you like it:)

  10. OH lovely blog.. J'adore paris.. <3

    I'm now a follower.. :)

    check out mine:)


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