Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Blake Wright Vol. 2

I've already posted something about Blake Wright some time ago but due to a little university-stress I'm not able to write that much today. I just love his drawings and although they might be considered to be dull some time and maybe way too direct, I catch myself laughing every time  I have a look at his page. 
It's nearly weekend and I can't wait for Berlin! :) 
I wish you all a nice Thursday.


  1. Danke, aber dann gibt es dass bestimmt jetzt nicht mehr :/
    bei mir ist gerade ein gewinnspiel angelaufen, wenn du lust hast mach doch mit! :)

  2. hehehehe..i love the nigger one!!! sooo funnyyyy..

    enjoy berlin hunny

  3. hahahhahahahahhahahaha

    u crazy funny

  4. what a nice pictures , funny that last picture hihi x

  5. very funny! :)

  6. hi honey,
    thanks for leaving such a cute comment on my blog!!
    I would LOVEE to have u as my follower!!

    Kisses Julia

  7. Love the last shoe :D


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