Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Berlin the upcoming weekend!

I'm going to be in Berlin the upcoming weekend and I couldn't be happier since I got invited to the bookpresentation of the famous, German fashionblog www.lesmads.de, where I did an internship in summer 2009! The founder Julia and Jessie just released their first book called "Modestrecke - Unterwegs mit Les Mads", which currently is just available in German. 
I was lucky enough to receive the book a bit earlier and therefore I can already tell how much I like it. That's the reason I'll write about the event (which will take place on Saturday, the 22nd) and the book in more detail in German as well as in English. I'm so looking forward since it's the first time after my internship that I'll return to Berlin. 
More about the weekend will be added as soon as I get there. I can't wait. :) 


  1. dankeschön, evtl. sehen wir uns - würde mich sehr frreuen ( :

    liebe grüße

  2. Have fun there! enjoy, xoxo Sarah


  3. Wow, Berlin! I'm so jealous, it sounds like fun. Good luck at the internship!!

    I'm following you now too :) Love the blog!

  4. vielen lieben dank! ;) woher hast du das kleid auf deinem anzeige Bild?


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