Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

(No) Need?

When I remembered myself that I neglected my passion for Topshop for a while, my hunger to surf through the onlineshop needed to be fed. So what did I discover there in the jumper and t-shirt category?Something which might have fed myself with the what-the-hell-hunger due to these new prints Topshop decided to print. And here we don't talk about some psychedelic or an (if even possible) unknown animalprint. No. This time some questionable foodprints catched me by asking my laptop and its screen if this is meant to be funny (by any means) to print a smiley in form of sunny sided up eggs, a tomato and a sausage (all in all already a reason to scream EW if you aren't an English breakfast-fan). At first I was laughing but then I was just wondering where the baked beans are, because this would be the only thing, which would have been missing to complete this little food-disaster on a pullover. Considering food not to have anything to do on pullovers (if now as a print or just when you aren't concentrated enough to eat properly (which happens)), I was just simply wondering who the hell would buy this. Maybe it's just because I'm not the breakfast-person, but then I saw another pullover which may be a bit more delicious to look at but is it necessary to carry a huge donut on top of your pullover? I just don't think so. And then my little Do-we-need-food-on-our-clothes-question was finally answered with a resolute NO when I saw a shirt with a hot dog, fries and a coke. I have no doubt that all these different  meals may taste delicious but if you would ask me if these prints should make you delicious I'd say: No. Not at all.

Then I just recently took a look at via, who has posted some interesting but also questionable prints for our suitcases. Maybe it is my little black, dirty minded, whatsoever you want to call it - humour but these prints definitely gave me a real reason to laugh and meanwhile think about buying one of these stickers for a moment. Not that I would love to impress others on any airport with my dildo-collection or my latest purchase, some kilos of cocaine, but it somehow made me consider these prints as being real gags, which would catch EVERYONE for a moment. Funny, catchy, worth to buy if you don't want to give away another unnecesarry soap/book/dvd/whatever as a present.

So finally, I came to two resolutions.
  1. We don't need to buy food, which we just can look at but aren't able to eat - it won't save us from being hungry, trying to look delicious or to be anything but funny.
  2. We may be buy these hilarious stickers on although we all know that this just can be considered as a bad joke and shouldn't be used to impress with your travel luggage. Although this would be a reason for me to laugh if I'd see it somewhere while queuing to check-in.


  1. beautiful blog....I love blusa...Isubscribe,,,you subscribe to my bloh!?!?!?yks...kiss

  2. so funny , love it x

  3. lustig wohl kaum,eher einfach nur scheiße für die es sich nicht lohnt geld auszugeben,wobei ich mich doch stark wundern würde wär für diesen "trend" geld ausgibt! Da gibts aber bestimmt paar Blogger ,die das noch kaufen würden um stylish & trendy zu sein.Ne sorry das wird nix...


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