Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Salzburg yesterday

After having had a stressful flight , I finally arrived in Salzburg. 
Being a little LOUD!-store victim (this store is situated at the Ehrenstrasse in Cologne), it was a kind of personal duty to me to wear this FIEND!-shirt (obviously the mock of the Italian label Fendi) combined with an oversized women-chemise (Zara) and some simple black leggings together with black overknee-boots.
Oh and by the way... I wear this Russian hat in the flat... because I can. EAT THIS!


  1. I love your pics!!
    your blog is A M A Z I N G!
    I follow u!

  2. Hi girl, nice pics you look lovely! Love the Fiend shirt and the hat!! thanks for visiting and following my blog, I'm following yours xoxo Sarah

  3. I love the shirt! :D

    x Krizia

  4. i love you as well as the bolg!!!! look at mine ;))))


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