Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

more pre-fall 2011

picturecredit: style.com
As style.com has just recently added some more designers releasing their lookbooks and collections for next year's fall, I thought I'd share with you my favourite clothes of some designers. Being a big fan of Max Azria and especially of Hervé Léger my first click was on the collection of BCBG by Max Azria, which reveals himself to some extent although the cuts are completely different from Hervé Léger. In contrast, Azria has created more loosely hanging outfits with some sexy insights due to their transparency at some points. My personal favourite is the black dress with its transparent kind of train and the nice combination of black, green and purple. I'm not sure if these colours together would fit me but since the basic-tone is black I guess that nearly every kind of skin & hairtype could wear it. I don't like the shoes he combined and I'd rather take some classic black high heels but that's a matter of personal taste.
Furthermore, Nicole Miller has surprised me with all her asymmetric/symmetric cuts despite the classic combination of black and white. I couldn't decide which one I consider to be the best but I really like the shoulder-off one in black. In face of my aversion of most patterns, I find something even interesting in the dress "made of heaven" with its clouds and all the colours the sky could get us.
Moving on, I found some really really nice creations at Tibi's lookbook, which are mostly held in classic tones like beige, black, blue and white and always combined to simple black ballerinas. The dresses are nicely cut and especially for girls with a gracile figure, those dresses rock their classiness. What I mostly love about this collection are the clear cuts, the fine textures and its classic-sticked way to represent a young woman's way to dress herself while trying to be not considered as granny-styled. Especially the beige coat with its black detachments and the bell-shaped sleeves impresses me.
Max Azria for BCBG


  1. sehr gut!!! das kleid würde dir wirklich stehen, welches du als personal favourite umschrieben hast!

  2. Cute blog!

    One of the dresses looks like it is from Kane, do you know where it is from? It's very beautiful! :-)


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