Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

The Statement Necklace

Fully enjoying my holidays in Austria and finally knowing how it feels to ski again, I neglect my beloved blog a bit and again I just can say that I'm really sorry. I try to post a bit more the upcoming days (also including my dress for New Year's, which I'm already excited of) & I hope you guys have some nice days wherever you are. 
So what did I wear the last days beside my skiing-stuff (which somehow makes me feel like being the most boring person on earth since everyone looks similar)? Beside a combination of a 5Preview-Shirt and some really nice leather-trousers (pictures will be posted soon), I finally decided to put on my statement necklace I bought this summer.
I wasn't sure about the bling-bling factor & therefore the possibility to raise some wrong impressions about my sense for jewelry but then I saw Olivia Palermo wearing one and it was decided: The statement necklace is mine & therefore wants to be presented to the rest of the world ;). I'm usually not used to such huge necklaces and I'd rather take some nice earrings. 
However, wearing simple Jeans by J.Brand, a black basic top by Zara and one of my favourite heels of this winter (some black suede ones by Guess) combined to a black, classic jacket with some shoulderpads, I thought that this necklace looks just nice and doesn't give an overloading impression of myself.  
Necklace: Accessorize 


  1. Sehr schöner Blog. ich werd mal regelmäßiger Leser und würd mich freuen wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischaust! :)

  2. wow great necklace!



  3. Love this necklace!! x Sarah

  4. This statement necklace is a precious piece of jewelry!!!!And it looks so good on u!!:)) Have a great time in Austria!!!:)


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