Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

gossipgirl? no thanks, i pass.

Since 2009 most of us have watched gossipgirl with an addiction not comparable to any other serie coming up in TV. No other TV show appeared to be more hyped than gg with all its glamour, lifestyle, pretty outfits marked by designerlabels and overall sneaky actions the characters take on each other. Without doubt, this series has it all of what most of the people out there want to be. A fabulous life at the Upper East Side of Manhattan, going on vacation either for a weekend to the Hamptons or to St. Bath and shopping without a limit. 
Being a faithful reader of the books written by Cecily von Ziegesar, I've always seen this hype with a critical eye since I bitterly had to discover some huge differences between the book and the serie. Taking Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen, she has personally not accomplished the goddess-status with her appearence. Of course she's pretty, an American beauty but she's seriously not the goddess as it is described in the serie's base, the book. Furthermore, Jenny Humphrey isn't the brunette, a bit baby-chubby, innocent girl who's allegedly trying to get into the community but never really does. No, instead Taylor Momsen, meanwhile known as another little hollywood-damaged psycho-girl trying to leave the clean and innocent-image at home, was picked to represent Jenny Humphrey. And the biggest lie appears to be Mr. every-man-wants-to-be-like-him Bass. What's wrong with the regisseur's readingskills? Isn't Chuck Bass originally representing the fashionorientated kind of gay guy who does not have any friends besides his little monkey he once bought? Since when does Blair Waldorf fall in love with Chuck Bass??? 
Leaving all these questions beside, my opinion is even more rising when I look at most of the people surrounding me and watching this series. Beneficially for the series, most people seem to be so amazingly paralysed by gossipgirl that they even try to be like the next Blair, Serena or Chuck. What's wrong with them? I hope that I just missed something decisive but I'm personally not seeking to be as ill-mannered as Blair Waldorf, who temporarily is very close to freak out because of all her frustration and jealousy mostly caused by these wonderful parental conditions she came from and still lives in. Or alternatively I'm not desiring being a Serena van der Woodsen, not knowing what she wants and expects from life and not able to distinguish between childhood and getting somehow older, so mature and hopefully someday an adult. And lastly, I can't speak for myself but as an example I don't want my boyfriend to be a complete asshole, dealing in a disrespectful way with women like Mr. Chuck Bass in the series does (alternatively I also don't want him to get somehow gay someday like the book kind of reveals ;) - no offence to my gay friends. I think I'm out of the age where I'm experimenting with a guy to treat me without any kindness and when I look around me I get the impression that most of the girls get even encouraged to stay in that retarded state of mind thanks to the cool Chuck Bass, who's by the way looking like a hamster (I'm very sorry Ed Westwick). 
I think it's just ridiculous how everybody is going mad about way too sick characters. Yes of course I'd also like to live at the Upper East Side having no limit on my credit card and parents not interested in me at a certain age because they think I'm "old enough to know it better" but let's be honest. If this would be reality something must have gone wrong especially with the last point I've made. I would go completely into wrong ways without a certain guidance of my parents. And I guess everyone has to admit that  fact to some extent. I hope you do not get me wrong by reading this and I don't want to insult anybody but what I've mostly noticed is the huge loss of reality by most of the people :D. I somehow have to laugh by reading through my own comment on this series bit I think it was time to write my opinion down in a post since this content-less series is not more than a huge headache. And the result of such a series is not a "normal" addiction anymore. For most of my fellows it got an idol and seems to represent a complete unrealistic picture of life. For me, it's nice to watch a Blair or a Serena is dressed like but seriously: Their behaviour is not setting any standards to me. No it's basically showing me personally how certain attitudes can be even deepened and how ridiculous people might get after having finally discovered the supernice series "gossipgirl". Oh and after all I also find it really retarded how everyone is going mad about sneaky actions, which most of us should have taken at the age of 16 at latest. 
Finally coming back to all the points I've made, I can conclude that I can't really understand the hype about brainf****d characters (I can't express it in other words while being in a writing-rage) and actors getting completely out of control in real life. Maybe you get the impression that I'm somehow playing the sainted choirgirl but I just thought about the whole hype for a long time and finally I found some time sharing it with you. 
having said this, you know you don't love me. 
XOXO honestgirl

PS.: Although I don't like the characters, I have to admit that Blair's comments (if not completely without any manner) are sometimes amusing.  But other than that she keeps the wannabe-bitch, she is. 


  1. I've just read a few other posts you've written, when I found this (old) post. I understand what you mean, but I'm a boy who hasn't read the books and enjoys the series very much. My sister and some friends have read the books. Some of them don't like the series but most of them do like it. They don't really care about the differences between the books and the series. I don't know if you're a Harry Potter fan, but I am. The HP movies are very different from the books, but I still like them. It can be annoying though, so I understand what you mean.

    I completely disagree about Blake Lively not having that goddess status. I think she's gorgeous and I can only hope that I'll have a girlfriend as beautiful and sexy as her once. She's named one of the most desirable woman on earth, you need quite a goddes-like appearance to reach that I think.

    Though I don't really agree, I loved reading your opinion about Gossip Girl ;)!

    Loveee! Sam


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