Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Very Versailles, Wildfox.

Once upon a time... American label named "Wildfox" decided to design some really nice shirts with some catchy prints and fabulous models wearing them in their ads...
And each season there is a new, recognizable topic I start to love the second I see it somewhere popping up  at a fashion page. Next year's spring/summer seems like Wildfox has brought Marie Antoinette to life again, which made me kind of going crazy in front of my laptop. How can one not love that historical Icon?! I mean, let's face it: Since Sophia Coppola has brought us Marie Antoinette's life into the cinemas, there had to remain at least some trickles of her...eccentric character and her way of life in our minds.
Personally, I like that campaign most - not at least because I also begin to think that I was Marie Antoinette in my last life while looking at my current mobile phone bill (yeah, nothing to be proud of).
Anyways, I love the new ad and it definitely expresses the modern way of how Marie Antoinette's life would be (which is, at the end of the day, not that different from her life back in the 18th century) : Sexy, wasteful, extravagant and always with that little bad girl - touch. 
Je t'aime, Spring/Summer collection 2011


  1. reply to my post-my dear we both share the same passion-toward fashion so stop with saying "the things u said" and enjoy cause this is one great post,inspirational one and u have great blog,well at least i like it!;)

  2. Hello doll!

    Thank you so much for the comment! I consider it a compliment that we have the same taste-- because you look great! And that must mean that I do too! Lol.

    Hope all is well and have a Merry Christmas!


  3. pretty pictures x


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