Montag, 2. April 2012

Salzburg Easter Festival: Anton Bruckner Concert

Another evening full of beautiful music and a completely different Sunday night program than usual:
A concert by Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 8 C-Moll conducted by Zubin Mehta, an impressive personality and by far the most beautiful concert I've ever been to. I'm not lying - this is real music. Not something I'd preferably hear at a club but something that deeply touched me. Together with the best grannies this world has seen, I've been able to sit in the second row again, therefore had a perfect view on the artists. The whole concert just lasted for one hour and a half, which I find a good time to sit and listen - other than this I would have gone a little nervous most probably. That's actually something I experienced in these past two days. It seems as everything is so fast, changing and constantly moving - nothing is really existing for a longer period and there's no real time to deeply enjoy something. Not that I'd complain about it but it's a little surprising how quickly I could get nervous just from silently sitting in a hall and listening to something for a longer period than some song of Avicii could last. 
As the concert ended, I couldn't stop feeling excited - the pride and meanwhile the passion Mehta turned to the audience was not to overlook. An impressive evening. 

I finally went for the full outfit consisting of the coat I've been already wearing and the matching dress. The mixture of the tweed-like material and the lace are once again building a classy but meanwhile catchy contrast. I couldn't resist but to take my beloved earrings again... and please note that I'm proudly presenting you the 20th time I'm trying some curls (and can actually show it to the rest of the world). 

Dress: D&G by Dolce & Gabbana
Coat: D&G by Dolce & Gabbana
Earrings: Mytho
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Christian Louboutin


  1. Gorgeous!
    Love the bag!

  2. That coat is amazing! Love the black / grey colour!

    You look great! xx Romy

  3. You look so gorgeous girl in your dress! And I love your hair and those red lips!

  4. loving the dress in you :)

    xx jasmine

  5. you're so pretty!! red lipstick suits you really well xx

  6. sexy look sgreat on you...the contrast with black and red lips ,,very nice!

    keep it!

    feel free to visit me. I hope you will follow me through all channels, by the way :D

  7. Adore your outfit, especially the dress!
    Have a great Monday xoxo

  8. you look so elegance! glamour!

    xoxo, florencece

  9. fine loook :)))

  10. you have perfect legs, little black dress lovely, your red lips, your brand mark :)
    thank you for yours comment;
    I know my dog is a little too fat...., but it is so sweet!, I love her ( it's a femele)
    regards :)

  11. as always, gorgeous and beautiful place too.
    very nice set of clothing and shelter!


  12. Now this is what I call true elegance and beauty!! Love your black ensemble and the effortless chic vibe you portray! :)

    ps are you from Salzburg? The setting looks familiar and so beautiful

  13. Guapa y elegante a mas no poder. Un beso.

  14. love the dress! Your hair is perfection.....and the red lips.

  15. wow austrias next topmodel;) du siehst ja sensationell gut aus! traumhaftes kleid und die haare sind superschön!
    love and kiss,mary

  16. Oh, you look gorgeous! I really like this outfit

  17. You are beautiful! that lipstick looks hot on you!


  18. You are so beautiful and this outfit is amazing! :)

  19. Lace and tweed; very classy.

  20. You look lovely with the curled hair. I love it!

  21. You look lovely with the curled hair. I love it!

  22. stunning!!! Very chic!!
    Hope u visit me!!


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