Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

Meeting Ms. Bianca Jagger

With this year's Salzburg Easter Festival coming to an end, I started reflecting about everything that the past days have offered me. Among the great music I experienced for the first time in his form, I met a lot of interesting people full of different views, backgrounds and stories (something I'm deeply thanking my parents for). Above all of this (and as already mentioned before), I met someone at a private lunch during all the Easter Festival events for the very first time, which continued to a daily chance encounter at the concerts.
Ms. Bianca Jagger, social human rights advocate and role model of her age. There is surely no other woman than her who has caught me and meanwhile made me feel so reverent. Her charisma - something that leaves you with a blown away feeling inside. A personality with such a deep background and with an extraordinary mission, that you just can't mistake. Being chair and founder of the non-governmental Bianca Human Rights Foundation, the aim of the organization is to "defend human rights and civil liberties, achieving peace, social justice and the eradication of poverty protecting the rights of indigenous and tribal people, forest conservation and combating the threat of climate change". Something, that Mrs. Jagger made to her mission from earlier days on. Leaving her home country Nicaragua behind, Bianca received a scholarship at the Paris Institute for Political Studies to study political sciences. 
Being open-minded, willing and full of power, she is surely a citizen of the world, a woman with a statement, who shaped women's history in the past. 
For me, being 20 and haven't seen anything that seems close to hard reality, she stands for various things all coming to the point that you should follow your mission. No matter what it is. In today's world, emancipation may seem to be progressive but by far not happening 1:1. 
It is said that behind every great man, there is a woman. But as Ms. Jagger once said in a speech, "we refuse to accept the idea that beside a great man can stand a great woman. Will we ever dare to say that behind a great woman, there is a great man? Will that time ever come?". A question that still doesn't leave my head. Although I just started slightly engaging myself to this outer world, that doesn't know any respect for you as the single person among others, I already came across this phenomenon Bianca describes. Not specifically a personal association but still something familiar the one or another of us came across already. "When a woman becomes too prominent, too important, too intelligent, too brilliant,  we all come down and we criticise her for overstepping her position". Disagree? Give me one point. It doesn't even matter whether a woman was still driving successfully after being hardly criticised but isn't it exactly what happens in so many ways over and over again?
This is just one point, that inspires me about this outstanding personality. And how hard is it to reach today's generation!? 
Besides from her lifelong work, the fashionable aspect needs a great mention in this post as well. Not only that she truly stands for her mission and intention, Bianca Jagger demonstrated her personal understanding of fashion in the 60s and 70s enough. Being friends with Andy Warhol and dressing up with Diane von Fürstenberg, Bianca Jagger's time at Studio 54 reaches a broad spectrum. After reading several interviews with her, it seems as if fashion never played the protagonist of her life and fame. But how it still rocks. Past's as well as today's captures show a pretty young lady with a wilful imagination of fashion. Although this is just rare interpretation of  pictures and seeing her a few times live, I personally love the timelessness with which she was playing ever since.
It was an outstanding, special experience to meet Ms. Jagger and I hope this won't be the last time. If there is one thing, I can answer to the question of who stands behind who for success: 
This woman is brave enough for herself. Behind Bianca Jagger, there is Bianca Jagger. 
Bianca Jagger & Andy Warhol

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  1. Wow ,great Pictures ,lucky Girl! :)


  2. What an amazing experience..she still looks stunning today. REally enjoyed reading your post :)
    Happy Thursday hun xoxo

  3. A gorgeous lady! Love the necklace :)

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  6. you have a great blog!love bianca jagger,and this post is amazing!

  7. wow you both look lovely!

  8. Amazing, lucky you, you look great :)

  9. Just fab!! Congrats darling :)

  10. Hey, i love your blog too! I'm following ;)
    Bianca Jagger really is a diva!


  11. You are very lucky. Congratulations. Bianca Jagger is always very stylish.

  12. you´re lucky! great necklace ! :)

  13. You're a very lucky girl :D enjoy every second of this experience!

  14. oh wow how cool!

  15. Great,thanks for sharing.
    I can resist everything except Abercrombie Outlet

  16. You look great! Would you like to follow each other? :)

  17. You're a lucky girl! And you look pretty, as always!

  18. I can believe You meet her! She is such and amazing lady!! Love her she is gorgeous a she was very fashion forward in her times when she got married in a white tuxedo to Mick Jagger wow! she looked amazing and she still has this inner elegance.

  19. Wow! That´s nice!
    You have a really wonderfull blog and an amazing style :)
    xoxo from Munich

  20. So cool that you met her!



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