Freitag, 13. April 2012

A-Morir die for!

Lena (LOVE IT)
I randomly clicked myself through Luisa Via Roma when I came across these crazy, amazing shades  as my interest always takes the path of outstanding, interesting things that you rarely (if not on Anna Dello Russo) see on other people.
And so here we are with another example of an amazing head interpreting the everyday-life-wear into something special. Something, that surely catches everyone's eye yet builds an exceptional look. Playful, overloaded with pearls or flowers and crowned with Swarovski stones, skulls, feathers or oversized rivets, designer Kerin Rose always seems to be full of creativity that brings the normal sunglasses one is used to wear into another light. Always with a hint of rock'n'roll, Kerin is said to refer to her time studying classical music as a child and combining this to her love for rock.
Founded in 2008 with a capsule collection of four frames, A-Morir has been commissioned by contemporary artists and stars. From Lady Gaga (how could it be different!?), Tyra Banks, Snoop Dogg and Grace Jones to Rihanna, Fergie and Nicki Minaj - it seems as pretty much everyone has been falling in love with Kerin's designs before I did (shame on me). Naming her models after her favourite composers (therefore having this component of her love for music in each of them) gives each piece an individual feeling, makes a statement and pretty much goes for the in your face look. Well, indeed. Looking at all of these handcrafted beauties and superstars just doesn't do it different than forcing others to look in your face. 
Going "big, hard and far" is definitely out of question with these babes.

For more information (+online shop), click:
Etta (LOVE!)
Dinah (LOVE!!)
Lace Clear 
Love Hate Neon


  1. hehe lovely ;-))

  2. Oh my days, these shades are incredible, what i'd expect to see on Gaga or Anna Dello Russo for sure!

    Eda ♥

  3. Lovely sunglasses Pulcinellata!:D
    Great post!

    Have a nice day!
    Hugs from Spain:)

  4. Pardon my French but bloody hell! They're a bit special aren't they?!

    Lea x

  5. I absolutely adore all of them but the first ones most!

  6. cool glasses :)

  7. glasses are super original, but I think I would not dare with these models. A kiss.

  8. they are stunning! Wonderful designs

  9. I love all of them!!
    Discover my latest post on supermodels:

  10. All gorgeously glam!
    Yay! It's Friday, happy weekend hun xoxo

  11. Really cool shades!
    Your blog is so nice and fabulouis!
    Check out my danish blog

  12. These are all so unique!! the spiked ones are amazing!

  13. Wow, immer mehr Objekte der Begierde... also die Cass-Brille mit den Rosen finde ich ja am Allerschönsten! :)

    Dir ein schönes Wochenende!
    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  14. omg these are so cute! ill take the purl ones!

  15. These are just too awesome! very chic and fabulous!

  16. Wow, those sunglasses are amazing. Love them all. The first one are so chic and glamour.

  17. wow! seriously they are so cool! great picks dear!:*

  18. Ah!! Those are epically amazing. The Lena and Clear Lace are my favorites! GORGEOUS!


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