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Blogwatch: The FashionRobot101

picturecredit: Kim Braun for The Fashion Robot
First thing to start off this Saturday morning: Introducing The Fashion Robot by Kim Braun
Kim, 21, was born in Hanover and currently lives in London planning her career in the fashion industry. I truly like her blog & as she asked me for a vice versa blog introduction, I was more than happy to do so. Her style is unique (love this mixture!), her blog diverse. Dealing with her daily looks, photography, traveling and her life, Kim fairly plays her part in the blogosphere. Talking with her about herself, her favourite places in London, inspiration and German fashion, here's the final outcome. 

When did you start your blog & why? 

When I was 16 years old I started my first fashion blog about new fashion trends but I had no idea how I get Google-followers and after a while I deleted all. After school, I decided to live in London for a while and I met a lot of friends in fashion like bloggers. I thought, I should open a blog again and that is what I did ... in March 2011 I opened The FashionRobot. 

Where do you search and find your sources of inspiration? 

I'm inspired every time when I walk around London. London is an amazing place to get new inspirations because you have so much different people, arts, crazy places and good music. I also get inspired when I travel. I love to travel because I like to see new places and to be acquainted with different cultures. 

Describe your style! 

I would describe my style as relaxed glamour with a fun bohemian rocky twist. I personally like it simple (little black dress, jeans, simple shirts) and colourful (flower prints, neon, bright colours). I love to wear simple clothes together with eye catchers like shoes or accessories. My key looks are jeans, blazer/vest, a simple shirt with Chucks or high heels or a flower hippie dress with sandals. 

Your motivation to keep blogging? 

First of all my followers and the fact that I will work in fashion PR in my future. 

Your trend prediction for S/S 2012? 

My personal trend for S/S 2012 is neon! I also like printed jeans, leggings and chinos (for example with flower prints).

What do you suggest to new bloggers? 

Be yourself! 
Your favourite shopping places in London? 

My favourite shopping places in London are Shorditch, Brick Lane, Covent Garden, Camden Town and all the markets like Portobello Market. 

How do you feel about German fashion? 

Oh, that's a tricky one. I mean you can't compare German fashion with London fashion. German fashion is generally more reserved, simple and mainstream. To be honest, I like it to wear simply clothes but I also like it to be different and creative and German is often all the same. Every country is different. 

Your future plans? Something connected to the fashion industry?

I started to study Business Administration this year and I will definitely work in fashion PR and management. I'm going to do an internship in fashion in August and I will surely keep bloggging. ;) 

I thank Kim for answering these few questions and I wish her all the best for her internship. 

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During London Fashion Week 
One of my favourites!! :) 
Interested what we also talked about? Check out her interview with me here


  1. Hello dear! This is such a nice and interesting interview:) I like her style, thanks for letting us know more about her!:) Kisses and have a lovely weekend!!

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  7. I love youuur style !! really :D, If you want we can follow each other ! let me know your reponse on my blog ! xx

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    I really love your style, very pretty

  9. Amazing outfits dear! Cant pick the favorite one!

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