Samstag, 5. März 2011

Paperplanes at Issey Miyake FW11

"I'll fly like a paper get high like planes " (M.I.A. - Paperplanes)
It's Paris Fashionweek and this should already be a reason to write and write and write about all the amazing collections. However, I'm in a little writing-problem due to some lack of time but I promised that I'll post more fashion-orientated comments once I settled down from my trip to London again.
So where to begin with such a meanwhile huge choice of great designers? I think that I never wrote about Issey Miyake since this blog exists although he's been creating my absolute favourite and personal signature parfume (L'eau D'Issey). So, why not giving him a try with his collection once I fell in love with his perfume ages ago?!
It seems as if futurism is following us for the upcoming seasons wherever we go. I've been posting just some time ago about the dutch label Roparosa by Roos van der Kamp, which I considered to have some real futuristic and strong details. Looking at Issey Miyake for this year's fall/winter somehow conveys that this statement of striking cuts and strong prints will be continued. I personally go more for straight lines, clear prints and an overall clean chic but this collection caught me. Probably this is emerging out of the curiosity of appreciating the unusual one would never consider to wear personally. Who knows. But keeping my eye on the prints coming up in this collection I can definitely tell that houndstooth as well as the classic zigzag are dominating and coming together in strong colours. Moreover the white symmetric details appear to be a try of keeping an order. However, they remind me of paperplanes and (as already mentioned) they don't convince me of wearing some pieces in real-life. My favourites would be the houndstooth jacket and maybe the tartan-jacket although I'd face the same problem with integrating this kind of cut into every-day life again.
I can't really decide about an overall-summary to describe this collection, so let me just say that it's an interesting one with a dominance of symmetric details but not ultimate wearable (no matter if you go to the next fashionshow or the next supermarket) and additionally shows too many weird cuts and unclear shapes. 


  1. Looks like a great collection!

  2. love this collection, the folding is so cool in the last photo



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