Sonntag, 6. März 2011

My Fashion-Mum

She has definitely one of the hugest impacts on me and especially on my way to dress and therefore I consider her of being my personal fashion-icon no. 1. And by saying so I don't want her to read this one day and thinking that I was just putting her online because I want some new pair of heels or any other material wish I'm currently keeping in mind. ;)
No, seriously. Looking at several other mums I know always reminds me more of my granny (I love you but your way to dress is confirming the typical stereotype) than of a modern mum of a 18/19/20-something years old daughter. I don't understand why so many great women age with such a boredom and completely forget about how they could look if they would invest a little more in cosmetics and fitting clothes. I don't know how it feels when you are about to turn 30 and then 40 and some other day 50 and then 60 but doesn't every woman with a little sense for fashion wants to bring out the most of herself no matter how old she is supposed to be on paper? Vanity is something, which never goes out of time and I guess that it must be depressing for many women when they just let themselves getting lost in some ridiculous numbers they are approaching to be. There are so many great ways to look a little fresher but meanwhile not ridiculous as if you want to shout out 'forever young' to everyone. It's sad that many women completely forget who they were and how they looked when they were younger and as a result and out of stubbornness get so halfhearted about themselves. 
Alternatively to that sad attitude there are these mothers who couldn't age with dignity and I honestly can't decide what appears to be worse at the end of the day. These type of women appear to have the duty to retard in their fashion metamorphoses they undertook and I guess that this is the biggest expression to demonstrate the desperateness they go trough in their current state of age. Don't get me wrong: I love to see women above 30 years (because until that age I allow (with my ridiculous 19 years) each fashion faux-pas with a laugh) having fun with dressing themselves appropriately and still with absolutely great and outstanding statements. But is it necessary for a woman approaching the 40s to wear some skulls and swarovskishirts and chucks by Converse? In my personal point of view I'd say no. And I don't know how 40 feels because I believe in the words "you always are as young as you feel" but when it comes to such in-time-trends, I always ask myself what exactly would have went wrong to buy such things. I think that at some point of age you recognize that it is just not appropriate anymore to wear specific accessories or pieces of clothes. Yes,  I'm 19 and I don't know how it feels to get the first signs of the aging process since I'm just getting out of this phase where you have to deal with other, much more annoying signs of being a teenager but if my mum would go for some chucks and would take my McQueen-scarve as an accessory to her tank-top saying something like "juicy couture girl" in Swarovski stones I'd be more than shocked because that would tell me that my mum actually tries to rob my wardrobe when I was fifteen. 
However, I'm happy to say that my mum was and is always dressing absolutely perfect and that she never ever underwent one of the two procedures many women face. Ever since I can think is she trying to keep her classiness when dressing herself and still plays with modernity and nostalgic details mysteriously showing up in current fashiontrends over and over again (such as the RayBan Wayfarer ;)). 
Many people may say that fashion is not a matter of age but when it comes to real-life I guess it does and in this case my mum is the best dressed mum of all. 


  1. Such an incredibly stylish lady, age is a number and you should never give up on fashion and your sense of style as you think you're 'getting too old', this lady is an example that you're never too old to care about your appearance ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. she is so stylish, It seems that you have had a huge guru

  3. She is gorgeous, dear!
    You have to be proud of her! :)

    Loved your blog!


  4. du kommst nach deiner mama - wunderschön!

  5. Ich vergess immer, daß ich Dir ja auf deutsch schreiben kann *lol*
    *hm* Ich weiß auch nicht, was ich schlimmer finde. Zumal viele dieser Frauen, die auf extrem jugendlich machen, im Gesicht meist älter aussehen (der Toaster läßt grüßen...), als die, die sich gar nicht um ihr Äußeres zu kümmern scheinen. Sich gut zu pflegen finde ich wichtiger als sich gut zu kleiden - obwohl im Idealfall natürlich beides stimmen sollte :-D
    Deine Mutter strahlt wirklich eine natürliche Eleganz aus, Du kommst ganz nach ihr :-)

  6. Your mum looks incredible! She actually reminds me of one of those early Bond girls. So classy and elegant. I definitely understand why she's your own personal fashion icon!

  7. Anna Wintour :O
    Ach du liebes bisschen ! Mann trift ja schon selten eine Legende auf Beinen!
    I´m sure you skipped a heartbeat ! ;)
    Ich hab peinlicherweise vergesse, wie man das auf Deutsch sagt ... Deine Mutter hat echt einen bemerkenswerten Style !
    ich kann sehr gut verstehen wie du dich fühlst, ein wirklich heerrliches gefühl, stolz auf seine mutter zu sein :)
    Ihr sieht euch übriges seehr ähnlich.

    Ich hoffe du hattest ein gutes wochenende :)


  8. OMG i salute your mum,she is such an amazing lady,so elegant,so stylish!:) lucky u,i can see now from where your fashion sense comes!:))

  9. Aw, love this! The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree :)


  10. wow she's amazing! so elegant and stylish!! You must be very proud of her :)

    jos xx

  11. she has a great sense of style!
    Love her coat
    follow each other?

  12. Classy mama! Cool blog! You talk about fashion and everything else! First time visiting, by the way. Check this out when u get a chance - XoXo

  13. what a stylish mom! if she was my mom, i'd totally rob her wardrobe!

    <a href=">modern.girl</a>

  14. She is amazing pretty, so stylish and chic. Hope I will be like her later....
    But right now, i am still wearing swarovski stones.... and i am 37!

  15. Wow, she reminds me of Jackie'O! She is the perfect picture of class and sophistication. How proud you must be of her! You have a fantastic blog. How about following each other?

  16. looove her camel coat!xx

  17. OMG! your mum looks gorgeous!

    xx, Sabinna and David


    God bless her she's gorgeous and stylish!



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