Freitag, 4. März 2011

mixed pictures from london

Back in Germany, I can just tell how much I already miss being in my second favourite city..! Here, especially in the Rhineland (Western Germany) you celebrate Carnival, which is the excuse for everyone to drink without any limit and behaving like a complete redneck. I personally loved dressing up for the past two years but I guess it's called growing up when you rather try to waste/invest your time into some other things than beer and risking a lot of embarrassing pictures for some popular, social network. Maybe this is just a phase I'm going through and one of all these events will be visited (because it's always fun to dress up and leave early again) but I'm happy that I invested the important time into my London trip for the last days. (Un)fortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures and even less from myself but I can tell that my absolute highlight was just yesterday when I spotted Anna Wintour going down a sidestreet of Doverstreet in Mayfair. I guess there is nothing left to say to this highlight of the morning when I originally supposed this day to be stressful but then there's suddenly that heart-flip inside because of this monumental recognition. 
Beside stalking Anna Wintour out of the window of some Starbucks I finally had some additional time to go to Chelsea for some quick shopping (without any success, which turned out to result into a Topshop-escalation at Oxford Circus).
On Tuesday, I went to the Automat in Doverstreet (Mayfair) and on Wednesday it was my beloved 8over8 at King's Road (Chelsea), which completed the days. 
I keep my promise to focus all my comments and articles much more on fashion once I have the time again (which will be tonight).
Above you see some impressions of Chelsea including lovely SNOG. ;)
Below you see  the Automat with its amazing burgers, Mömo's and the 8over8. 


  1. The dessert looks incredible ♥
    I hope you had a lovely time and how jealous I am that you spotted Anna Wintour!!

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. I'm so glad I live in London! Love your pictures, amazing post! I'm very fond of your blog girl!

  3. Great pics & how lucky you were to see Anna Wintour - awesome!

  4. Amazing photos, thanks for sharing!

  5. Your blog is realy cool!! I hope you pass on my and follow me!! I Follow U =)

    Le Roselet Precis

  6. I'm really drawn to your travel picture and I'm gonna hit the follow button. Ooh! I love fashion posts too but I hope you would continue to do a bit of both. Nevertheless, it'll be quite difficult coz it means you've to travel a lot. LoLz

  7. The photos are great! London is amazing :)

  8. Great Blog and Lucky you - to attend fashion week in London! Wish travelling from Australia to England would take less than 20 hours LOL

    Love, Marusua V

    P.S. following you and hope you follow me too xox


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