Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Balmain FW11 ...I get the impression he's not joking.

First thing to start off this Wednesday may be the fact that I need to share my disappointment with the rest of my readers about Balmain's FW. Faithful followers of my blog may have already recognized my deep love I feel while talking about Balmain. However, this time it seems like Anna dello Russo and I are just sharing our names while talking about this label and its previous (let's say from last year to now) collections. Normally, I would agree with Anna when you would ask me what my favourite designer label is. "I LOOVE BALMAIN, THEY'RE GREAT". It somehow feels like I'm not willing to say that any longer about such a punk-rock-whatever-show Decarnin just recently presented at Paris Fashionweek. I already started grumbling about his temporary outrage, but I was always optimistic about his recovery of the "just give me a leather jacket and I will rape it with my scissors"-trip. Now I decided that enough is actually enough. To his defence  I have to say that he actually recovered from that punk-trip but now I guess he's currently celebrating the 70s. Alternatively, I could describe it as the pretence to transform mirror balls into clothes and therefore finally make them wearable for real partygirls. But is it necessary to wear an overall being completely glittery,shiny à la bling-bling-style to be "in fashion" for this winter? Is the risk of being mistaken with la Gaga increasing?(and if so, is this a desirable thing?) Plus,what I almost forgot: Is it necessary to put on these by far more than completely cheap looking white booties? Maybe this is just a phenomenon in german-speaking countries (to be precise Germany, Austria and Switzerland) that girls with white shoes are mostly considered to be blooded bitches with all their hearts. Unfortunately this has been captured in my little head since this trend appeared to show up. Yes, stereotyping is always a mean, dumb and lame thing but in every stereotype there is a little truth and therefore I can tell that white bootees in this design are not acceptable at all for me. ...Another point that really hits my until now with love for Balmain filled heart. Sounds like the manuscript of a bad soap with the antagonist "white bootee" and the protagonist ....well....unknown until now (maybe someone could tell me one day who or what might be the good character of this bad play).
Getting serious again, I also can't see the reason behind asymmetric frazzles. Not even the shiniest top being such asymmetric and purely randomly cut could make its cheap looking appearance even better. And the silk-glittery college styled jacket Natasha Poly is wearing may be nice for Carnival but still ... silk & college jacket and bling bling? There is something too much and if I could choose the wrong thing then let me tell you that college jackets in silk will most probably never ever make it further than a halfhearted try-on on me. Additionally, I'm wondering whether Abbey Lee Kershaw was supposed to work in some Casino in Las Vegas when she was put in that gold trouser suit. Who is supposed to wear this except from Anna dello Russo? Nobody, I guess.
Having listed all these mean and probably dumb points written in my rage of disappointment, I still found some pieces, which caught me positively and therefore should be mentioned as well. The hairy cape Freja Beha Erichsen is wearing is absolutely hot and makes the simple black to black outfit wild but still elegant. An alternative would be the same model of cape just in white with which Arizona Muse was dressed. Furthermore, I fell in love with the shiny shoulderpads on that simple black tanktop Aline Weber was put in (the white trousers, however, doesn't reach me). Although these few things still leave some hope of recovery, I'm not convinced that this will happen soon.
Oh seems as if Balmain and I should change our relationship status to "It's complicated" on Facebook. Repetitive (we've already seen the astronautic silver and gold coloured skinny trousers), raffish and disappointing.
The only likes of this collection: 


  1. I love love love the leggings! These outfits are super!!

    jos xx

  2. You have a nice blog
    Following you know :D

  3. Hmm, Im must be a rookie at this. The FW11 collection you show here actually looks nice. I thought they look just as futuristic as usual. Having said that I had never followed Balmain trends. Balmain is too expensive for me to even think about it.

    Squeeze The Pug

  4. ''we should change our relationship status to ''its complicated'' haha bibi immer beste sprüche am start! top blog, v.

  5. I really don't like this collection. I'm a Balmain lover, so I am disappointed that much! My God, this white boots are so ugly!


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