Samstag, 2. April 2011

Hello New York City!

It's nearly midnight and although I have just slept for two hours in my seven-hours-flight I could not resist uploading all the pictures I shot so far.  
Not that much, I know, but still I wanted to leave you with some of my first impressions. My camera ran out of battery, that's why I mostly shot during dinner at the restaurant, which belongs to the hotel I'm staying. 
Additionally, I just got to know Prutha, founder of the fashionblog! You have to check out her blog - authentic and personal. She is a wonderful person and I'm happy that I got the chance to meet her! Thank you again for taking your time. :) 

For information: 
First pictures showing the amazing view from my bed with New York City in my neck and in front;)
A huge lustre, raw tuna, softshell crab and other delicious stuff at the Mondrian's restaurant, the Imperial No. Nine.  (and don't worry I have not eaten all these nice things by myself ;) it's this great sharing concept, which more and more restaurants tend to have and which i love!)

Can't wait to wake up in a few hours to get to know this city a little more. Good night!


  1. These pics look amazing, so jealous, I'd love to be in New York! You look great !

  2. Fab photos! Love your shoes. Your shoes are awesome. :)

  3. NY... I love NY!!

    you have and amazing blog!! following you!!


  4. fantastic photos,and i am so in love with your shoes!!!!!!:)))) have a great great time!!!!:)

  5. love these photos!

    amazing decor, yummy food and GORGEOUS SHOES!!

    are your shoes sergio rossi?? they're amazing!

  6. great pictures i really love your blog. Maybe we can follow each other?
    from your latest follower =)

  7. I loooove New York! Gorgeous views from you hotel room.

  8. woooooooooooow!!! new york!!!!
    that's pretty amazing!!!!
    lucky girl!!! super smart outfit!
    i love it!"!

  9. love the view and your shoes !!

  10. ohhh god i didnt even see this!! u shud have emailed me no? was great meeting u too hunny... super great!! u better stay in touch... u have my email ..

    i see u have a great rest of the weekend in nyc..did u go see the shoe shop i told u about?

    hope ur having fun back in germany!!

    mwahhh darling... tc and stay cool ;-)


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