Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Saturday in New York!

Although I'm currently in the city that never sleeps, my jetlag tired me such a lot that I couldn't help it and therefore fell asleep the moment I got into my hotelroom. Therefore, my posts are a little later than expected but since it is just 6 o' clock in the morning here, I hope you forgive me.
Having had an exhausting shopping-day, I must say that New York is still one of the most amazing places one can be. However, and I hope that the New York loving readers don't take it personally, I recognized a few things that made me hold on to my number 1 on my "favourite city list" and this is (unfortunately) not New York. No doubt about the fact that New York is still vibrating, pulsating, breathtaking and different from any other city in the entire world, but somehow I got the impression that the credit crunch hit NYC more than expected. Not that I'm interested in how high street quality is (no, seriously not), I must tell that streets are recognizably neglected. The last time I saw such huge potholes was when I visited Cuba and without wanting to leave you with the impression that I'm complaining about being here (HELLO, IT'S STILL NEW YORK), it's a little sobering. In comparison to London, it's all a little dirty, messy and battered. In a city like Hong Kong, you would never see anything being completely run-down, if it's not currently under construction or a little suburbian slum and furthermore the skyline does not look that impressive if you ever visited some Asian metropolis. 
And here, I will stop talking about these little peanuts, that I picked out from a city that offers you the highest shopping possibilities, restaurant density and difference in people on such a space like Manhattan. 
Living downtown, I guess that I chose the definite cool place to stay. Who cares about uptown, Park Avenue, granny-hotels like the Waldorf if you can witness photoshoots for the next Vogue issue right in 
front of your door and getting involved in the openings of the latest cool shops in the Meatpacking District?! 
Thanks to my Jetlag, I got up at a time where just investment bankers and garbage collectors seem to be awake, which made me see the broadway completely lonely and forlorn. 
At a later point of that day, I spotted Annie Leibovitz (OH YES ..!) back in Soho while we were wondering whether The Mercer kitchen offers something special because of the huge crowds being inside (I suppose it is always the same procedure every Saturday). 
After a long, exciting (shopping-)day, I finally returned to my beloved Asia De Cuba at the Morgans uptown for dinner (I already found myself in withdrawals of the amazing Asia De Cuban Calamari Salad). 
Overall, I thank my parents for being able to offer me such a broad variance of experiences I can make! I hope I will be able to make it to the same places later in life and I'm more than thankful, honored and full of joy that I'm allowed to go with them to such trips! 

For information: 
Pictures showing my lovely view from the bed. 
The Mondrian Soho.
The entrance of Mondrian Soho.
Streetlife downtown.
Asia De Cuba at Morgans Hotel with its delicious thai beef salad, cuban bbq chicken, lobster mash and an absolute crazy lobster pad thai with a great lobster fresh from Boston ;). 
Last picture showing New York from my window at night! 

Oh and sorry for the lack of picture-editing (I already cut down from 200 something .. ;)). 


  1. wow nice pics :)

    visit my blog?

  2. which investment banker works on a saturday? :)

  3. New York, New York....amazing photos)))

  4. The Mondrian Soho is really beautiful! Love ur NY photos. Great blog

    x FashionFifth

  5. These are some gorgeous pictures. So jealous that you saw Annie Leibowitz!! <33
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. woeeeii soo cool!
    nd you looked lovely

    i have a new outfit post
    maybe you can take a look?
    everyday a new post

    xo model from holland

  7. Very cool! I love the pictures and those pink pants are awesome!

  8. great photos and that food looks delicious!!! xoxo Sarah

  9. loving the pop of pink! love the blog! following!! hope you follow back! :)

  10. You are so gorgeous! I love this outfit and your style in general! Just wonderful! Now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  11. looooove the hotel decor. i love nyc. sure, it's kind of run down compare to a lot of other cities, but i think it's kind of part of its charm. very defined neighborhoods for sure.


  12. It looks amazing! wish you a wonderful time ! xxx

  13. Love these pics! Great, you look great!


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