Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Happy Birthday, Grace Coddington!

On my flight back home I studied the US Vogue over and over again since it is most probably the first time I'm holding an issue by Anna Wintour in my hands. Oh wow. Sad enough that the Russian Vogue made it into my little Vogue collection before the mother of all did but let us leave this aside and focus on this post's topic: Grace Coddington's birthday. 
Lacking of research-motivation and therefore just desperately googling her exact birthdaydate without any success, the creative heart of Vogue celebrates her 70th birthday. 
I think that Mrs. Wintour brought it to the point when writing (in the foreword of this month's issue) that Grace most probably made into everybody else's hearts after the release of R. J. Cutler's The September Issue
We all don't know much about here beside her personal insights in Cutler's documentary and the Wikipedia page but when talking about her personally it is hard for me to put her in right words. 
A woman, a lady so full of warmth and meanwhile strength that I consider Mrs. Coddington to be one of the most interesting personalities alive. Thoughtful she does her job with such a brilliance that it is hard to replace her if she would ever retire (which I doubt). I wonder if there is any other person in this world who could actually go into her direction with dignity (which I doubt even more). You can feel that she has seen a lot of this world: The good, the bad, the beauty, the stressful, the success, the disappointing. And still hard work seems to be closely connected to deep exceptional gift and highest loving precision into every detail. Hearing and watching her always makes me reflect about inspiration sources, fashion in general, my life and (hard) work, which once again proves to be the only way to success.
Grace seems like the figure of a fairy tale - a natural beauty uniting hardness and love, the queen in her profession. She has not become older. She has grown in all of her positivity, wisdom and powerful appearance she spreads. 
And above all, there is her name that describes herself the best - Grace.
Happy Birthday!
Some of her outstanding works


  1. I'm soo in love with Russian Vogue too!!
    It really has the greatest editorials!!!
    I have to find out more about
    the "Russian Wintour"

  2. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  3. She's great :) Happy Birthday Grace!



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