Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

My love affair: Dolce & Gabbana FW12

picture credit:
A huge portion of sceptic has been there, when Dolce & Gabbana were close to release their latest collection for the F/W season of this year after shutting down their daughter line D&G. I expressed all my sadness in this post here and so the curiosity of how the latest collection will look like was of a huge extent (and ultimately how the designer duo has incorporated the young, fresh D&G spirit into the more mature, serious mother line). Oh boy, how they made it!
When I already saw the first image of Bianca Balti wearing the very first outfit, I knew: This is going to be worth writing a whole post about it. "YES YES YES", my inner voice screamed as I clicked through everything and as I just rarely have these moments, inspiration has overfilled my brain and so I'm sitting here typing these words down at the moment.
Golden embellishments purfle the rich, dark gowns and are accompanied by finest accessories. With a great love to detailing, the jewellery as well as headbands fulfill the perfection of this collection. It seems as if each piece being combined with others builds an old, mangificent canvas of a former queen or goddess. Pompous, voluminous and always with an edgy touch, Dolce and Gabbana seems to be the answered to McQueen in Italian and meanwhile kept their personal note of the typical D&G image. Coming just rarely across such a variety of pieces and themes, the duo has started off with a dark, royal touch fading into some lighter tones and hitting the typical Dolce white-meets-gold spot and the flowerprint we seem to keep in the colder times of the year. Transparency and lace play the decisive factor of sexiness and meanwhile maintain a style that only the Italian label can perfectly pull on the runway.
For me, there are three stages of the collection: The dark, mysterious, queenly part, the lighthearted, young D&G spirit (reinforced by the shirts presenting the slogan and being combined to playful pieces) and a final  mixture of the contradictory mature but then again young clash of mother and daughter line. Being still not convinced of the flowerprint (it takes a while.. stay patient), I must say that I would wear each one of these pieces presenting the floral pattern hype of the year. White or black - it doesn't matter. The order and clear structure of how each flower has been placed on the different pieces enables the possibility of wild patterns still being able to be restrained to a certain kind of symmetry and balance. Romantic but with a self confident statement, the pattern is accompanied by my lovely lace and the golden jewellery enriching the young stylings with maturity and elegance.
There is nothing left to say, then leaving you with these images. I want everything! 

The Lewis Taylor Fashion Week coverage!

Okay, this guy is actually better than everything I saw since "Sh*t Fashion Girls Say"on Youtube. Some might be familiar with these videos (if not, then you definitely missed something "#notenvogueatall") but check out Lewis Taylor, the only person around London Fashion Week hunting the coolest fashionistas/-os, trying to get things clear and searching for the most important answers in life. Together with his "attention-seeking teddybears", Louis and Vuitton, Lewis Taylor really DESERVES this dedicated post on Pulcinella (please feel the self-mockery). You made my evening yesterday & kept me away from sleeping (don't have to feel guilty... my dark circles under my eyes don't even get better from a 10 hours sleep). 

Part 1
"yeah because nobody else wears a mix of things" 
"you're wearing vintage... very original!" 

Like it? Wait for Part 2...
"yaa I actually feel really strongly about the pyjama era.." 

Laughed as hardly as I did? Watch Part 3
"yeah.. so vintage.. love it"


Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Sunny Portobello

Last Saturday was simply beautiful. The weather decided to be supersweet and so I was able to leave my beloved trench coat in my bag until the sun went down (and I remembered that we're still having February and not end of May).
Notting Hill is by far one of my favourite parts of London with the famous Portobello Market. Although it might be very very very touristic for those of us living here, I still love it. 
There are no other words to add than to say that I was in the mood to put on some warmer, earthy tones and mix them up with a cool note. That's why my newly bought Zara bootees (which I also possess in black) had their first experience on London grounds. I don't know what happened to the tips of the boots (obivously darker than the rest) but as I rushed into several Zara shops, I had to discover that this was somehow done purposely. Because of the silvery studs, I chose to wear grey to my fluffy fur and the bootees. That's why I put on one of my (and Kate Moss' (adds total coolness)) favourite jeans and took out my bonnet, which my granny gave me as a present. I don't know why but I somehow have to laugh when I look at me with this on my head. I always wanted such an exemplar and now I remember myself of being one of the seven dwarfs. I love it with all my heart no matter how Bob-Marley-meets-Seven-Dwarf it maybe looks on me! ;)

Trench coat: Zara
Pullover: Benetton
Fur vest: Hallhuber
Jeans: Superfine
Necklace: from my Granny
Ring: Cartier 
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Bonnet: Repeat
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Bootees: Zara
Dwarf no. 7's out in Notting Hill! 
spying into other people's houses...MUCH FUN! 
Wearing sunglasses although there's no sun. This is how Karl must feel all day long. 

Montag, 27. Februar 2012

London Fashion WEEKEND

So this is the very end of London Fashion Week for this season and I can tell: This day was exhausting. Maybe because of the fact that it was Sunday and I was awake until approximately 4 am but maybe it was just because of the fact that the whole Somerset House courtyard including half (if not the whole) Somerset House was PACKED with fashion victims and fashionistas/-os from all over the city. I just couldn't believe how full this place could get. Fashion Week was nothing in comparison to the amount of people streaming in and out at this place yesterday. Although I totally enjoyed the amazing weather London's currently blessed with, I must admit that this was by far not what I've been expecting, which led me to a somehow unmotivated mood. I really enjoyed last time's visit to Fashion Weekend (which happened when the event was still based at another location) but this time felt busier than anything else related to a Fashion Week Event. Don't misunderstand me: I love being around cool people, inspiring personalities and show ponies (who actually deserve to show off). But being surrounded by 1000 hipsters, another 1000 self-appointed fashionistas/-os and a cute bunch of English trash chicks mixed up with some ...undefinable weird people (leaving the impression of being on drugs rather than being anything else) made me feel really uncomfortable and just aggressive. I hate being pushed by unpleasant security men and I hate having an argument with uneducated brats telling me where to sit when I obviously held my personal reservation for the second row during the fashion show in my hands. In case you think: "Who the hell she thinks she is?" - well, in fact nobody to feel better but someone who knows how to behave and someone who tries to enjoy an event which is full of such people. My tolerance range has a broad spectrum reaching from super conservative to super crazy (I know.. what a bad definition of these boundaries - there's just no time to philosophize about this now) but when it comes to places being crowded with hysterical people who behave like this is the end of the world just because this is meant to be the event to shop till you drop (it literally is), then I'm getting fed up.
To stay fair, I have to tell that I enjoyed the fashion show, I enjoyed being there once again and I just loved flipping through the thousands of clothes rails of different designers and taking some looks on cool jewellery designs. But the fact that people where nearly rushing through everything and screaming like idiots around, seriously acting like this is the end of the world left me rather with the feeling of a wild mixture of final sales at Topshop and the very last time Primark opens its doors before shutting down forever. Not to mention that sometimes (obviously depending on the designers and labels) the prices were absurdly high (haha you people don't get me with your "10 % off JUST TODAY"-strategy (been tricked out by Selfridges for my curling iron ONCE in a lifetime)), my budget told me to calm down & keep it as low as it is (not lower).
Fashion Weekend is surely an event perfectly made for someone having a big purse not suffering from anorexia just like mine does at the moment (yeah I'm quoting Natalia Kills' lines... because I can. POW!)). But not for someone who likes it a little more ...structured. And civilzed. I know...Fashion Week(end) + structures = contradiction in itself. But at least Fashion Week gave me the impression of not finding myself in the middle of the Topshop-Primark-scenario I described above.
Nevertheless, I think I fairly tried to get as much out of it as possible. An interesting experience I don't want to miss.

Trench Coat: Zara
Leather Jacket: Hallhuber
Dress: Comma
Gloves: present by my Aunt
Shades: Ray Ban 
Bag: Balenciaga
Shoes: Guess (once again)
For this rather leisure day and because of the lovely weather, I chose a summer dress and combined it to my leather jacket. As you can clearly see: The focus lay on pink & black. A combination I'm normally not that convinced of (always reminds me of Avril Lavigne's metamorphosis from punk-nobody to punk-rock-chic-glitzy-glammy-emo-girly) but which I just felt like pulling once in a while. Mainly because of these amazing gloves I received as a present from my aunt. A little too large but still eccentric. I like.
A little review including video(s?) (still not sure about my skills in here) about the the show will follow tomorrow.
Prim Rose 
Game On
Jasper Conran
One of Fashion Weekend's main sponsors: ELLE. 
Lovely sight from Somerset House's terrace
FINSK shoes. No words. 

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

MAWI London

picture credit: all pictures taken by me for Pulcinella
Where to start describing my definite highest love to one of last year's most beautifully established "newcomers" in the fine jewellery sector?
Stressing the emphasis on all of the unique statement pieces, Mawi combines highest fine jewellery materials with contemporary details, one of them being my absolute everlasting love: Spikes.
Clear structured and with a deep focus on keeping a certain kind of symmetry, Mawi builds a wonderful symbiosis of the two former contradictory (fine and fashion) jewellery details and therefore proves today's most elegant way in their combination.
Striking, cutting-edge and always with a total uniqueness every piece brings with it, Mawi stands for futuristic trending and shapes as well as high qualitatively, traditional details of the past. Its richness in facets can be clearly seen and as I got the chance to visit London Fashion Week, I had a closer look at the various pieces of Mawi's collection at their exhibition stand. My personal affinity to purism pulling a statement in their play between past, present and future, has been meeting all of my expactations Mawi has given when you're spotting a single piece the first time. It is hard to put Mawi's motivation on the right words, but as I can see, the playground of the London based label is definitely a balanced mixture of various contradictions. That is most probably the point that keeps the world's finest department stores attracted to the label that involves the different zones of Mawi's clientel. That glamour every piece reflects with an edgy and dark tone catches everybody, if only for the pure look given by others clearly saying "where the hell did she get that amazing ring/necklace/earring/whatever from?!!". I had to keep countenance (for my owns sake obviously), that's why I didn't start freaking out completely when I spotted all the pieces (I just got to see on Polyvore and thick vitrines of Harrods and Harvey Nichols before) when I visited Fashion Week's exhibition rooms for all the buyers and press. 
Mawi Keivom, creative head, founder and heart of Mawi London, was personally showing us all of her different collections and it was a pure honour to get the permission of taking pictures. Down to earth and without any attitude, Mrs. Keivom was even kind enough to give me and my photography skills a go on herself, which makes me absolutely proud.
So far, Mawi released over 20 collections, comprised of over 4000 styles and "continues to provide luxury items that never fail to tell a vibrant story" (Mawi F/W 2012 Press Release). This year's F/W collection seems to find its roots in an Indo-cultural background mixed up with spicy studs, sparkling gems and an even mix of bright colours. Described as a "timelessly adored panther motif", Mawi used the animal inspired look and transformed it into a modern context, that even catches me. Although I rather avoided animals in jewellery so far (they rather tend to hang out on my body keeping me warm in the colder times of the season), I absolutely fell in love with the long chained panther necklaces. As the emphasis of urban glamour is set to be in the focus of the F/W season of this year, "Punk Rajah" and "Neo Pagan" are just two other components that left me speechless of Mawi's latest collection. 
Some day, I will be in possession of a Mawi piece & I will never give it back.
It was an honour to write about one of my absolute favourite jewellery designers and her amazing collections, which always surprise. 

For more visit Mawi's page on:
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