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My love affair: Dolce & Gabbana FW12

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A huge portion of sceptic has been there, when Dolce & Gabbana were close to release their latest collection for the F/W season of this year after shutting down their daughter line D&G. I expressed all my sadness in this post here and so the curiosity of how the latest collection will look like was of a huge extent (and ultimately how the designer duo has incorporated the young, fresh D&G spirit into the more mature, serious mother line). Oh boy, how they made it!
When I already saw the first image of Bianca Balti wearing the very first outfit, I knew: This is going to be worth writing a whole post about it. "YES YES YES", my inner voice screamed as I clicked through everything and as I just rarely have these moments, inspiration has overfilled my brain and so I'm sitting here typing these words down at the moment.
Golden embellishments purfle the rich, dark gowns and are accompanied by finest accessories. With a great love to detailing, the jewellery as well as headbands fulfill the perfection of this collection. It seems as if each piece being combined with others builds an old, mangificent canvas of a former queen or goddess. Pompous, voluminous and always with an edgy touch, Dolce and Gabbana seems to be the answered to McQueen in Italian and meanwhile kept their personal note of the typical D&G image. Coming just rarely across such a variety of pieces and themes, the duo has started off with a dark, royal touch fading into some lighter tones and hitting the typical Dolce white-meets-gold spot and the flowerprint we seem to keep in the colder times of the year. Transparency and lace play the decisive factor of sexiness and meanwhile maintain a style that only the Italian label can perfectly pull on the runway.
For me, there are three stages of the collection: The dark, mysterious, queenly part, the lighthearted, young D&G spirit (reinforced by the shirts presenting the slogan and being combined to playful pieces) and a final  mixture of the contradictory mature but then again young clash of mother and daughter line. Being still not convinced of the flowerprint (it takes a while.. stay patient), I must say that I would wear each one of these pieces presenting the floral pattern hype of the year. White or black - it doesn't matter. The order and clear structure of how each flower has been placed on the different pieces enables the possibility of wild patterns still being able to be restrained to a certain kind of symmetry and balance. Romantic but with a self confident statement, the pattern is accompanied by my lovely lace and the golden jewellery enriching the young stylings with maturity and elegance.
There is nothing left to say, then leaving you with these images. I want everything! 


  1. Eu adorei seu estilo! Essa coleção está inspiradora!
    Obrigada querida, te sigo!


  2. oh wow...BEAUTIFUL collection!!I am in love with it, ugh!! I was so so sad for D&G to close, it was so nice, and stylish...but I still adore dolce & gabanna. :)
    Much love, Gabriele.xx

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  3. I just found your blog and I have to say I'm really amazed. I checked out your latest outfit post and I really like them!

    Would you like to follow each other?


  4. very opulent :)
    Love Lois xxx

  5. thanks for ur comment!!! im following u back :-)

  6. great inspiration!

  7. I have never seen something as good as this is in D&G, it's really a fantastic collection and I agree with you so much. I would also wear everything in this! The last three one were really awesome.. and the white lace is gorgeous.
    Thank you so much for searching this everything!

    With Love,

  8. awesome looks, really can't decide which one is my favourite ;)

    xx Daisy

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  9. The photos from the D+G show are so amazing.


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