Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

TWITTER @LaPulcinella

After refusing it for a long time, I finally fluttered into the nest of twitter.
(Right, sheer and simple peer pressure.. and that hint from my journalism tutor to get it. "NOW"). 
I actually have this account for three years now but never went back to it after registering in 2008 and waiting for something exciting to happen (you probably get the time for my patience to give up on something I don't understand the moment I see it). 
But from "now"on,  you're more than welcome to follow me through another social platform. Surely, I will update it as much as I do my private Facebook page and whatever I find absolutely unavoidable not to share via twitter. 
Let's see if this is really as much fun as everyone says...


  1. I want to make on too , but i don't know xD
    I don't have Facebook... let's see
    Have a nice sunday , kisses from Portugal !
    Fi *

  2. I think that Facebook is organized better than Twitter, but you know,we have to keep up with technology !! :)

  3. cool
    sent you a request to follow you. :)

  4. following!

  5. Hey hun! Cool, I'll follow. Although I'm not that into twitter hahah

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer


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