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Glynneth B Jewelry

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Maybe you get attracted to certain sectors in the fashion industry when you chose to do a project on a specific one during your studies at University. It just has to be like that. Yeah it has.
As I was researching in the fine jewellery sector of the broad industry, I stumbled over various amazing jewellers from all over the world.
One of them was Glynneth B, which I spotted during a visit to Harvey Nichols when I was actually searching for some helpful books and possible satisfaction during a needed retail therapy (after a complete mental breakdown caused by unable fellow students and nerve wrecking project conditions).
When I took a closer look at he British designer's creations, I just couldn't get off the vitrine.
One might have already noticed my everlasting love to spikes, which developed approximately over the past two years and so there's no wonder Glynneth B's creations caught me the moment I saw them. The play between highest materials and fashion consciousness together with a deep love to details present an extraordinary result of present and futuristic designs. Eccentric, unique and always with a glitzy note, all of her designs create a modern woman's perfect accessory with a sexy but dangerous statement: I'm self confident and dramatic and I know how fierce I look with that bracelet on my wrist. MEOW!
Describing herself "with a preference for hard core punk, S&M romanticism and the provocative" (Glynneth B, 2011), Glynneth B appears to be one of the most famous British jewellers of our time. Being featured in various magazines from Harper's Bazaar to Chinese Vogue, her creations grace Nicki Minaj as well as music videos of Usher, P. Diddy and Dirty Money. Even First Lady Michelle Obama is listed as one of Glynneth B's bearers and shows the variety within the label (I'm wondering which one she chose to wear in public... let's see what google tells me..).
My bracelet favourite? The golden chain one with the spikes... and if I'm not in a golden mood, then the silver one with the even bigger spikes!


  1. wow really gorgous jewellery i love that punkish but still high fashion touch, i would wear everything og that, rock star glamour style ;)
    love and kiss,mary

  2. vielen Dank fürs followen :*

  3. I like this necklace which is before the last picture, it's so awesome!
    Nice post.

    Much Love,
    Julie -

  4. OMG I looove this! amazing collection!

  5. Love it :D
    Great bracelets !
    Fi *

  6. they are very unique!
    i wouldn't say they fit my usual jewelry preference but i'd like to have a piece like that in my wardrobes.
    the spike bracelet is just fierce! :)

  7. oh these are soo beautiful! i love nearly everything with spikes :) they are my weakness ;)
    nice blog btw! i'm following you and wait you to mine too:

    xx, eda

  8. Oh wow, this is great, thanks for sharing!


  9. wow such spectacular jewelry!!!! love all of it :)

  10. Hi dear! Nice post :)

    I hope you like and also follow my blog! I'm waiting for your comments :)

  11. beautiful look and great pieces!! juss came across your blog! do drop by my blog sometime..follow eachother thru GFC if u like :))

  12. Just loveing the blue and diamond earrings!! =)

  13. I love edgy jewelries. :) Nice post!

    Hope you drop by my blog too!

  14. Thanks for your lovely comment and following you back! you have a great blog !!

  15. Thanks a lot! =)
    I love your blog!!
    following you now!!

    xo from the states! =)

  16. These are such neat jewelry designs. Those turquoise earrings.. I have a necklace just like that! Now I feel fancy. Awe yeah 8D

  17. great post :) love them,
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    XX JUNO ♥
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    THANK YOU :))

  18. Thanks for your comment and follow.

    I love your blog. Follow back inmediately.

    Kisses. Ire.

  19. This is amazing pieces!!!
    There are so many outfits they would go perfectly with!!!!!

  20. I looove these bracelets!
    you look amazing in the most of your posts! a model.
    I also love your topknot on your profile picture!

    u just got a new follower dear!
    with love Ros.e.

  21. Love the bracelet design so unique, but really cool
    I want it too :D
    Nice Posting....

  22. I'm actually in live with those pieces of jewlrey .. love the edgyness of them x

  23. awesome!!! this is what i like ! =) *****

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