Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

The Lewis Taylor Fashion Week coverage!

Okay, this guy is actually better than everything I saw since "Sh*t Fashion Girls Say"on Youtube. Some might be familiar with these videos (if not, then you definitely missed something "#notenvogueatall") but check out Lewis Taylor, the only person around London Fashion Week hunting the coolest fashionistas/-os, trying to get things clear and searching for the most important answers in life. Together with his "attention-seeking teddybears", Louis and Vuitton, Lewis Taylor really DESERVES this dedicated post on Pulcinella (please feel the self-mockery). You made my evening yesterday & kept me away from sleeping (don't have to feel guilty... my dark circles under my eyes don't even get better from a 10 hours sleep). 

Part 1
"yeah because nobody else wears a mix of things" 
"you're wearing vintage... very original!" 

Like it? Wait for Part 2...
"yaa I actually feel really strongly about the pyjama era.." 

Laughed as hardly as I did? Watch Part 3
"yeah.. so vintage.. love it"



  1. your blog and style is great!
    I'm following you my Dear - please check out my blog;)


  2. omg, I laughed so much! I watched the three of them, pretty awesome, I liked it soo much! I wish I could go some day in a fashion week and meet this guy..
    and the brittish accent, it'ts to die for! I love this little kid in the third video, he or soooo adoreable!

    With Love,

  3. ah ah Great Videos x)

    They are a inspiration !!

    Fi *


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