Freitag, 9. März 2012

Istanbul Fashion Atelier

It has been a while since I visited Pure London (find posts about UK's favourite fashion buying destination here and here) and I promised to share some photos the moment it gets a littler calmer. Well, it didn't get calmer since then but at least I take some time now to talk about Istanbul Fashion Atelier.
Consisting of 11 different designers (yes, ELEVEN!) and supported by the Istanbul Chambers of Commerce (the largest chambers of commerce in Europe), more than 110 pieces were created and produced by the creative cadre.
As I got the chance to see the fashion show, I felt a drastic change in the design, fabric and overall appearance when it was Istanbul Fashion Atelier's turn to present their pieces. Young, elegant and with an eccentric twist, each of the different designers has done a beautiful job in the creation. Individual and outstanding but then again harmonious to the rest of the numerous works, IFA's F/W 2012 collection has brought various factors on textiles together.
Inspired by the the creative sparks of Turkey's vibrant city, Istanbul is understood to be influenced by various cultures and inspired others in return due to their considered decisiveness as a transit point. Seen as a city with great potential in the fashion industry, emerging fashion designers and brands establishing ties with the city, Istanbul Fashion Atelier seems to be by far one of the most established organisations. As I was asking the different designers of their inspirations' origins they all agreed on one point: It is the city's "millennia-old history, natural beauty, its hundreds of exhibitions" and the fair exchange of cultures clashing together. That's what most probably builds up the contradiction of contrast, individuality and then again harmony among the different designs and pieces.
Fine leather, silk and a little twist of transparency marked by oriental embellishments characterise the designs and meanwhile leave a somehow undefinable warm but edgy spirit to the collection. Unexpected silhouttes mingling with elegant tones and coaxing clear cuts - the variety in IFA's designs are clearly representing what the designers seek to create: A fashion response to Istanbul's diversity and its beauty of tradition, youth and foreign influences. 
Personally, I'm still in love with the grey dress and its simply eccentric detail in the back. But then just can't decide which piece is the best - it's just the whole mixture of these 11 brilliant designers who came together to do something, which requires more teamwork than anything else. And how they killed it is more than highly visible in the final outcome. 

A great thank you to Siir Ünlü, Meltem Özbek, Sare Ertoglu, Nagehan Berber, Mehtap Kurnaz, Özgecan Ardic, Melahat Pehlivan, Ongum Ülker, Gülcan Ardic, Ozge Nalbanktoglu and Vuslat Tunc for their kindness and the personal insight they gave me. 
pure LOVE!


  1. Loving all the silky drape fabrics...beautiful colours.
    Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  2. so great post! wonderful inspirations:) please visit me in free time:)

  3. Looks like amazing collection, I love those pants :)

  4. whoow ,i love it especially the all white outfit ,amazing

    follow you too thank you for your com on my blog,kiss

  5. Que preciosidad, me parece una colección súper elegante. Un beso

  6. Nice fashion show in Istambul, Turkey!
    I would love to join also. Any free invitation for the next fashion show? :P

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  7. awww nice blog ! love your posting about istambul fashion show. i loved watching fashion show too :) .

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  8. Nice looks!

  9. It's a really great fashion show. I love these outfits and these colors are very pretty.
    Nice photos.

  10. I love seeing fashion point of view from different global designers, these are some gorgeous pieces, i love those large clutch bags and the stunning heels. Great use of colours too.

  11. Amazing designs! There are so original :-)

    A chic kiss ;-)

  12. Nice show !

  13. Wow, its must be great fashion show with 11 awesome designer :D
    thanks for sharing

  14. Oh wow! These designs are lovely! It would have been nice to be in that show :)
    Thanks for this! :)

    Kisses! xxx

  15. wow...loved the collection !!
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  16. awesome pics! i particularly love the yellow envelope clutch. Beautiful detailing.

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    ww Rebecca

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