Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

All day, all night

The past days were a little more stressful than expected. With important deadlines coming closer, I just had to focus on a lot of uni related things, which just didn't let me do anything besides from researching and studying. 
As one of my favourite people came over to spend some quality time with me, I'm finally able to take a little break off the whole essay-coma and enjoy LIFE a little more. Obviously, the small touristic programme couldn't be left out - that's why I found myself around Harrods yesterday. Although I'm not a frequent Harrods visitor (way too overcrowded), I enjoyed nearly EMPTY foodhalls (a world premiere) and a much more relaxing atmosphere than usual (maybe the secret insider knowledge is that you should rather go there during the week instead of rushing through on the weekend - clever, clever). On our way to Harrods, I stumbled over that little cute dog, which I just have to share over here. That little energetic bunch of fluffiness couldn't stop focusing on the camera! (and yes, as a girl full of dumb aw's and oh's, I couldn't stop focusing on this baby!) 
The outfit I chose is quite similar to the one I wore at a night out I spent at Hakkasan a few months ago. However, this combination came up randomly and as we were heading directly to the 8over8 after an exhausting day, I found this mix of slight rock chic quite appropriate. I always considered that jacket to be a pure night-stunner, which adds some perfect notes with its thin shiny details but as I forced myself to pick an outfit that should stay with me the whole day (rarely happening!), I found out how it can be lowered during day time and enhancing during night. Boots for the day, pumps for the night. Both studded, both two of my favourites. 
Unfortunately, the pictures of the "nigh out" outfit version came out in a not that satisfying resolution as I expected them to be (remember: never ever take pictures with 100% fully loaded superflash if you are interested in living the rest your life without being blind).

Jacket: Zara 
Top: H&M
Jeans: Pierre Balmain by Balmain (can't get them off at the moment)
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Cross necklace: by my granny
Bracelet & gun charm: Thomas Sabo
Bangle: Tiffany & Co.
Ring: Cartier
Bag: Balenciaga

Pumps: Zara
Clutch: Topshop


  1. A very current and urban look, Zara's jacket is ideal, also I like the accessories, the purse with style, very well, kisses ana.

  2. great jacket!

  3. I love the transformation from day to night! Gorgeous jacket too.
    Happy Thursday hun xoxo

  4. Schönes Outfits, suuuperr Klasse mit beide Schuhe!! Ich brauche diene Tasche :))
    Ich habe die gleichen Sonnenbrillen, ich trage heute in meinem Blog :))

    xoxo aus München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  5. Me ha encantado, la verdad que es un look estupendo, y sólo con cambiar los complementos lo adaptas, yo también suelo hacerlo. Un besote.

  6. Lovely outfit. I'm in love with your hair, is so pretty!

  7. Love the jacket!! And the shoes for the night, gorgeous!


  8. This is such an elegant look, love the blazer, so chic and perfectly tailored, you look fantastic hun!

  9. i love looks like this one! is so versatile!

  10. You look amazing- the jacket is stunning:) Xx

  11. Nice, this rock chic style looks great on you :)

  12. lovee the jacket
    check out my latest post

  13. Ach ist der Hund niedlich! :) Du siehst (wie immer) super aus! Die Jacke ist ganz toll :)

    Alles Liebe, Susann

  14. Wow, you are so stunning! Love your jacket.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  15. Very cool outfit. I like the transition!


  16. awwww such a cute little pup, i want one! :D

    i love ur gun bracelet!

  17. beautiful outfit, specially jacket,I like to read your posts!

  18. This outfit is fantastic, very edgy! and the pictures are great. First time over.. and loving it.


  19. This outfit is so lovely, i love it. Your jacket and bag are very pretty.
    Nice photos.

  20. hi dear!!!!
    you are beautifull...and I like all your outfit...
    I have new post on my blog
    i'd like to know what do you this..thanks


  21. omg I love your jacket


  22. Great outfit! I love how you've combined it ♥


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