Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Welcome to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin!

So where to begin when talking about Berlin Fashion Week after a very long time? I don't have a clue.
But let me tell you that it was all pretty exciting, so my cameras (I brought two with me - in case one doesn't work!) barely stopped clicking once I got into the huge white tent right behind the Brandenburger Tor.
C'est Tout was the show I got the chance to attend and I was pretty much surprised about SS2012. I haven't expected much since I'm a little biased with German based fashion labels. However, clear cuts and restrained details that still caught the observer's eye made me personally pick some absolute favourite pieces.
Beside the show there were many people to spot and as I'm not trying to prove myself as the next stylingqueen (oh no please...) it's always fun to witness someone's obvious fashion-sin .. or the exact opposite. Like this one guy I noticed quite after a while. I don't have a clue who he is but he is absolutely awesome wearing heels that in fact were more the space-hooves of tomorrow. Combined to that obscene shirt and obvious accessories, he didn't keep himself and his possible preferences (of being a Gaga-monster) as a secret.
Beside Mercedes Benz, there were many other cool sponsors this time (I can't remember of such a presence last time I got into the Fashion Week tent). Especially Peek&Cloppenburg (to all the people who are not living in Germany, Austria or some of the Eastern European parts: A German fashion department store) made my day with their lounge positioned right next to the entrance of the catwalk and a special guide representing their new department store "Fashionation". To be honest, I just heard of it since there was this amazing opening party in Berlin this year. However, this Guide that shows all of their brands and some priority brands with a description, really got me some appetite in visiting Peek&Cloppenburg today to check out this high-end brand department store. I can't remember any other German department store that includes Givenchy, Burberry London, Acne, Unconditional and Red Valentino under one roof, so I'm looking forward to my little visit later in the afternoon. ( and it seems as if I'm not the only one that got conscious of Fashionation - German topmodel Franziska Knuppe and mayor of Berlin,Klaus Wowereit, were just two of the loads of people running around with that brand guide).

My absolute spot-of-the-day? Marc Jacobs who chose the Designer For Tomorrow yesterday. I guess there was never ever such an importance at Berlin Fashion Week (beside Suzy Menkes) and it was absolutely nice to see Mr. LV himself running around at the same place as I do.

(pictures of the show will be uploaded tonight) 


  1. such a beautiful shooting..i love most of all street style the last one is crazyy:)like it!
    new outfit on mine..kiss

    Patchwork à Porter

  2. Ahh love those coke bottles!x

  3. Fabulous! I have those bottles in my room!

    Eda ♥

  4. so cool that you were there, nice pictures!
    xoxo Sarah


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