Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Mongrels in Common SS2012 (MBFWB)

While I disappeared for the past two days somewhere between work, feeling sick, attending a prom back home and flying over to Berlin again it's been all a little stressful with updating my blog. Nevertheless, I finally found the time to go over all of those loads of pictures and this made me re-think about all of my impressions. Especially, when it comes to the label Mongrels in Common, which I never heard outside of Germany. It was an honour to attend the show, no question about that, but how does this collection differ from the one I saw before? I know that there's just a very fine line between gaining my interest and getting me bored but all of this asymmetric cuts and jade-green and tangerine make me rather feel a breeze of repetition than letting me see what spring/summer should be about in Christine Pluess and Livia Ximénez-Carillo's version.
The only thing, which seems timeless yet so lovely, is that simple bun all the models were having as a clean hair-do.
Some other pictures of that day are additionally included in this post.


  1. hope you're feeling better now. your photos are all so pretty, love your trousers! and the words to the last pics are so true haha!

    jos xx

  2. Amazing pictures!Love your look!xx

  3. wow, very cool pictures you have and must be great experience there :)

    sweet and sugars,

  4. love the pics and your outfits!

  5. Love your leopard pants! And the hair styles on the runway are amazing!


  6. I loved that you wore a hair bun to the show as well, you could easily pass off as one of the models! :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. Woher hast du diese schöne Tasche? soo ein schöner blog, lese eigentlich jeden post :)

  8. beautiful outfit & amazing pictures!

  9. Obsessed with your pants!! They look fabulous on you.

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries


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