Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Patrick Mohr SS2012 (MBFWB) - "I WANT MOHR"

Quite strangely Patrick Mohr started his fashionshow on Thursday as the last designer of the day. With a monotone music always repeating the slogan "I want more" that Mohr changed to "I want Mohr", male as well as female models were literally sneaking down the runway. Strong statement-eyebrows and undone-styled hair were just two of the many interesting details Mohr added to his straight collection. Although asymmetry was mostly ruling the cuts of his pieces, everything seemed pretty much futuristic with a feature of layered chill-out looks and a well kept straightforwardness. Bizarre "shoe"-wear in form of latex like socks were adding an unexpected twist. So no wonder nearly half of the tent seemed to get excited as the last model walked down in something that looked like a heel but rather reminded me personally of the remnants of some sheet metal like stuff. It must have been a lovely joke for him but I'd rather keep it a little more realistic and leave this as the simple part of a designer's "creativity" (whatsoever).
I personally would not like to "have Mohr" (more) of those pieces but oh well .. I think that's how Berlin would like to see every Blogger attending the fashionweek. Mainly not dressing up but coming undone and totally, alternatively underdressed.
Go to hell with this attitude and have a nice Wednesday.


  1. thank you for visit and comment my blog,
    these pictures are amazing!

  2. Fantastic pics my dear! Very original collection and the whole idea! There are not so much items I really love but it's quite refreshing to see!:)

  3. oh god, this is one of the strangest fashion shows i've even seen! yes, i totally agree, there's something futuristic in these clothes - quite original and captivating!

    jos xx

  4. Great post! The shoes on the first picture are so nice!

  5. Cool looks!

  6. wow, fashion are always interesting
    I notice the first picure, how could she wore and walk in that heels, she must be a super duper model!

    sweet and sugars,

  7. interesting show, nude and tan colors are in for the summer and it's neat how they did the eyebrows!

  8. the show looks so good!
    Wow, those first shoes are awesome

    New outfit post - Get your rock on

  9. Love these runway photos

    Please visit my English Fashion Blog:

    Wanna follow each other???


  10. WOW,it looks amazing!!!Thanks for sharing!

  11. Interesting collection - even though not my thing! - and the images you took are just great!

    You have a great blog! I am following you now on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins

  12. wow! nice shots.
    amazing blog.

  13. i really appreciate your honesty as a blogger-not a lot of bloggers would be willing to say that they didn't like a collection. although i do like some of the pieces, i do agree with you that he added to many weird details to the collection-the eyebrows, the shoes, etc. good critique, good post!

  14. to be honest I don't really like this FS and look at the designer's look.... sorry but NOT my taste ;P

  15. that's what i was writing mariloé ... ;)


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