Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

A weekend at home... the best one can have in order to get a rest from the big city life. Not that Cologne would be that small but compared to London ... no, there's just no comparison. Although I love the hectic life back here, I enjoyed some calm times at home with a cleaned up room, plenty of space, good, healthy (!) food and above all: my parents and friends. 
Besides from treating myself with excellent meals and other things you just can feel and have at home, I also decided to do myself a favour and give my beloved Remy Hall coat a little break. 
Therefore I pulled my newly bought between-seasons coat by D&G since it was not that cold and I thought it just perfectly contrasted the leather trousers by Ted Baker (which I just can't put off at the moment) and my bikerboots by Zara. I really started loving it the moment I put it on at Rainbow store - so classy yet very young and elegant. I recognised that I have another piece of this collection by D&G just as a dress and with lace elements. I'm definitely going to wear this together one day. 

...and just to underline my happiness... Collier de Chien finally arrived on my wrist. And I truly love it. Believe me. :)

Coat: D&G by Dolce & Gabbana
 Trousers: Ted Baker
Shoes: Zara
Bracelet: Hermès


  1. rebecca horn, reborn! :)

  2. ich liebe die Schuhe!! die sind aber schon was älter oder? also nicht diese Saison?

  3. Nice outfit =)

  4. Hello Lovely,
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    Have a lovely Christmas and ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

    -Mia xoxo

  5. I love this outfit especially the coat it is lovely :D nice post xx

  6. Those boots look amazing. :)

    Check out
    Xoxo, Maya <3


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